Friday 18 December 2020


We can all agree that  December has been extremely cold and I will be the first to say I have had my heating on for most of it and have lived in all the comfy clothes and cosy pieces I could find.

This time of year is definitely about comfort and feeling super cosy in the run up to Christmas and then it’s party dresses galore!.

I have been living in joggers for the past few weeks and absolutely love them. They are definitely underrated lol and should be brought out a lot more .

Black is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe and I find black oversized joggers go with pretty much any Tshirt or tee you have in your wardrobe.Whether it’s a plain tee or a statement top, black joggers will work. 

If you want to jazz up your outfit then adding a jacket definitely makes a difference to your casual tee and joggers.

This black cropped denim jacket is my go when I need something to complete my outfit . It’s such a flattering piece and with it being cropped , definitely gives an extra edge to what you are wearing , I love it!.

My absolute favourite at the minute is these white and black marble print joggers . They are gorgeous and such a perfect fit.

Super soft material and perfect for pairing up with a black bodysuit , especially if you were wanting to jazz up your outfit too.

I am obsessed with this loungewear set , it is absolutely gorgeous and I love the lilac colour. It’s comfy and baggy and just what I have needed on a day of work , plus plenty of gingerbread coffees to get me through the day :)

Lilac isn’t a colour I would normally go for but I think it is so pretty and definitely puts me in a happy place when I’m wearing it .

Let me know your current favourites for this month and what you have been loving wearing .

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