Wednesday 16 December 2020


 Crafts and messy play is always the first thing on Nila’s list of things she wants to do . We love crafting and creating little master pieces and spend every morning before school getting our hands messy.

We recently made some gingerbread playdough and honestly , it smelt incredible , I do think Nila wanted to try it out and have a taste test so we will have to make the real things next week when they break up :)


8 tablespoons of plain flour

2 teaspoons of salt

2 teaspoons of lemon juice

2 teaspoons of oil

6 teaspoons of water 

Ginger spice

Nila is great at this and is such a big girl doing it all by herself , it’s a great way to help little ones with counting and their concentrating skills improve so much when they are helping with things like this .

To make , add the flour ,salt and mix , then add the rest and mix mix mix,  then add your ginger and it’s as easy at that.

We made gingerbread men , snowmen , we made a really cool  imaginative play area and had tons of fun .


Once your done playing , pop it in a air tight container and your good to go for the next play session :) it lasts for ages . 

The oil will come to the top a bit  , almost like it does with peanut butter in a jar, just give it a good mix and its all set again . 

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