Sunday 10 January 2021


2020 has definitely been a year of ups and downs , the year of the biggest rollercoaster ride we have all probably been on , and I don’t know about you , but it has definitely given me time to reflect.

Before everything turned upside down in 2020- I was a busy mum of 3, self employed and always running on coffee and going at the speed of 90MPH - I think we can all relate to that fast pace life.

Lockdown has definitely got me questioning some things in life , who am I? aside from being a parent and owning my own business, who am I? ,what is a good life? and what is a quantum question?.

If you really sit down and ask yourself that question , you’d be surprised with not really knowing the answer or struggle to answer.

This coming Saturday, 16th January 2021, The Quantum Questions team will be running a half day online webinar with special guests who will be giving out some really invaluable insights into these questions that we ask ourselves.

The webinar will start at 12pm and will be running until 3.30pm. There will be five experts talking throughout the session and will include a questions and answers time too- I’m looking forward to this part.

The central theme to the webinar is the ethos of The Quantum Questions itself  is designed to awaken our curiosity and offer training to expand our consciousness.

I’f you have followed me for a while then you will know I absolutely love this type of thing and have been studying all kinds of paths that lead towards this for years and have always questioned the conscious mind .

Self discovery is definitely going to be the focus of this year for me , and Breath Coach Lucy Pattinson actually begins the webinar with her session on why self discovery is so important right now .

The full schedule can be found on their website and it tells you all the  questions that will be discussed and what time during the webinar , so you can jot down which ones you were interested in.

As well as all the special guests and what they are known for , which I think is a great idea.


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