Monday 15 February 2021


 When it comes to bath time , my girls haven’t got to be asked twice, they absolutely love a soak in the bath and add some bath bombs and smellies into the mix - you really can’t get them out!.

They’ve had all sorts for the bath over the years , bath bombs from lush, they love pinching mine from my bath caddy too! :)

Little bath buttons that add a little fizz when popped into the bath , bubble baths , but never have we tried the kids stuff crazy soap before .

If your unfamiliar with kids stuff crazy soap then it’s a brand that has been making bath time super fun for over 20 years!. 

I can remember using it when I was younger but never ever thought to get it for the girls as I had totally forgotten about it.

The girls got to try out the crazy foaming soap which lets kids enjoy endless amounts of play moulding their soap into their own little creations , and using it to wash themselves afterwards :)

It comes in three different colours : white , blue and purple and can be purchased from most supermarket stores .

The  changing bubble bath was also a hit!. Pour into warm water and swirl around to watch the water change colour like magic. 

Nila thought this was amazing and couldn’t believe it , which was so cute. You can get two sets , red and blue or orange and green.

Both of these also make great messy play activities and will be great fun over this half term for the girls , we’ve got lots of ideas so definitely follow us over on Instagram to see what we get upto .

- Gifted item 


  1. I do love this crazy soap, we have something similar for my niece and it always makes bath time fun.

  2. We have used Crazy foam soap in past and it's lots of fun and my son loves it.

  3. This stuff is so much fun. My girls used to love it when they were younger but I suspect if I gave them some now they would still play with it and enjoy it. x

  4. Oh wow this looks like so much fun and if there's one place to get messy with play that's the bath x