Saturday 13 February 2021


 Plunging temperatures are no match for true bicycle enthusiasts wanting to ride their bikes in the great outdoors. If this description fits you, however, it’s important to realise that cold weather can also present a number of serious challenges that you should prepare for ahead of time.

Finding winter-friendly bikesis just the first step; before you head out, be sure you’ve stocked up on these cold-weather gear essentials.

Prepare Your Bicycle for the Plunging Temperatures

First and foremost, you have to make sure that your bicycle itself has the gear necessary to handle the cold. Your bicycle can be just as affected by the cold as you are, in that its functioning could be seriously affected. Having the right wintertime accessories on hand is the best way to ensure you stay safe when riding in plunging temperatures. Here are some of the essentials for equipping your bike.

• Bright bike lights that are visible even in stormy, cloudy weather with poor visibility
• Tires with good tread to give you traction on slippery surfaces
• An electric bike battery that’s been kept indoors, if relevant

There are a few additional steps you should go through before heading out into the cold as well. For instance, check your tire pressure to avoid flats or accidents. This is especially important because cold temperatures can cause air pressure to become reduced! Additionally, make sure you feel comfortable handling the bike you’re going to use. Some practice in warmer weather can help prepare you for colder days with poorer weather conditions.

Make Sure You're Thoroughly Dressed for the Chill

The next piece in gearing up for a cold-weather ride is making sure you’re personally equipped and dressed for it. Your usual biking outfit of a thin, breathable shirt and a helmet won’t cut it when the temperatures start seriously dropping. Instead, you’ll want a combination of warm yet breathable clothes and a few key safety accessories to help make sure the ride goes well. If you don’t already have the following basics in your closet, now may be the time to start stocking up.

• Reflective items, including reflective vests, reflective bands and
• Head lamps or another source of light attached to your outfit
• Thick but breathable layers of clothing
• Winter accessories like hats, gloves, scarves, thermal underwear and more

Bring a Few Warming Accessories Along for the Ride

You’ve prepped your bike and dressed for the weather, and now you’re about ready to head out. Before you start your ride, though, be sure to bring along a few warming accessories to help protect you from the effects of the cold while you’re outdoors. Portable hand warmers and foot warmers, for instance, have become particularly popular in recent years – they fit right into your socks or gloves! Just be sure to break them out of their packs in time for them to heat up.

Riding a bike through extremely cold weather can be exhilarating for experienced riders, but can also present a number of challenges if you’re not prepared. To be able to enjoy the outdoor exercise when the temperatures start plunging, it’s essential to gear up your bike, dress for the weather conditions and think ahead about staying warm and staying safe.


  1. This is really great advice. I have to say I do not think I would be brave enough to cycle in icy or snowy conditions, but then I can barely stay on my feet in those conditions either!

  2. I've not cycled in a good while now. These are great tips. It's better to be safe than sorry x

  3. I will I knew how to ride a bike, I hurt myself once and never went back lol but this summer we are learning.

  4. We love to go on bike rides but tend to avoid it in the winter as we get too chilly. This is all such great advice.

  5. Great advice, nothing worse than feeling cold when you are outside, especially on a bike