Saturday 27 February 2021


 Nila has definitely come on leaps and bounds since starting Nursery , and although we have been home learning for the past few months , we’ve had some amazing resources to make sure she stays on track and she’s been absolutely smashing it .

Counting has always been one of her favourite things to do , counting the steps when we go up and down them, counting my pennies from my purse , she loves it .

We have been using the Learning Resources Three Bear Family Counter set and the Friendly Farm Animal Counters.

They are designed to help little ones with their maths and they make counting so much more fun with their different coloured designs.

The bears are different colours and sizes, which also helps to teach children their colours and great for sorting too.

We’ve been using both sets over the past week with her home schooling as she has been learning all about big and small. We have had to sort toys into big and small piles ,these have been great for this and she’s really getting the hang of it .

The three bear family counter set includes 96 bears in six different colours , 3 different sizes and 3 different weights.

The friendly farm animal counters include 72 different barnyard buddies in 6 different shapes, 6 different colours and 2 sizes .

Both sets are soft rubber and come in storage buckets . I think these would make great birthday presents too , she has already asked for the mini Dino counters for hers :) 

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  1. These all look great in helping little ones learn to count and also to learn their colours. Well done Nila!

  2. This looks like a fab set! Olivia spends all her time counting things so she would love something like this.

  3. Awww, she looks like she really enjoys are counting and love these educational toys.

  4. Those counting sets look brilliant and super convenient too. I never realised these existed!! I can't tell you how many hours I've spent pooling together all my little ones tiny toys to use as counters for maths when she was little.

  5. Oh I love thrse, not only are they great for counting, they'll be great for small world play too. Brilliant! Mich x

  6. This sounds like such a good way to mix play and education, looks like she's having a lot of fun with them x

  7. My son had these! They were so helpful to him when he was learning he loved playing and learning with them!

  8. Jess Howliston4 March 2021 at 15:36

    These look like so much fun and its great that they are really helping your little one! I think my daughter would love these too especially the cute animals! x