Monday 1 March 2021


Laser technology is booming in the market because of the stunning results it is bestowing to the clients. It is not a surprise anymore that this technique can help you to lose body hair. Of course, you need multiple clinic visits to achieve this! Whether it is your bikini region or face, the beams work fine on all body parts, providing you with the finest result.Are you thinking to get laser therapy done for facial hair? This blog will give you an insight into it.

Let’s go...

A brief about the facial laser techniques removing facial hair is not an uncommon procedure and has been done by multiple people.In facial laser technique,rays are used to eradicate follicles from your face,leaving it smooth and hair free. Mostly , the beam is used on the cheeks,mouth, forehead and chin. It is often said that laser works effectively on darker hair with a paler complexion, but now you have advanced technology that works on all skin and hair types.

Does it charge much? 

Laser procedures are costly because you will be enjoying a few perks. One session can price you between 200 USD to 400 USD. The cost does not end here as you need more sittings to remove all the hair. Your technician will ask you to visit the clinic 6 times or more depending on the area treated. Plus, insurance does not cover the entire treatment cost.


What happens during the procedure?

The process is quite simple- it is not that complicated as it seems. The technician sends light pulses that reach the deeper layer of the skin and contact the follicles. The pigment of the hair catches the rays, which is why it is said that the light works on darker pigmented and melanin present in the hair.


After the light gets absorbed, it is transformed into heat, which is then used to damage the follicles.But if you think that the process ends here, you are wrong! Hair follicles grow back after healing, and this is why your doctor suggests multiple appointments so stop the hair from growing back. It also nips the development of ingrown hair, hence you do not have to spend time shaving, tweezing or waxing.


How is the process done?

Before the nonsurgical method starts, the face is cleaned, followed by putting a numbing gel. Plus, for eye protection, goggles will be given and your hair will be covered. Regarding pain and discomfort, you will be facing a tingling sensation on your skin. As the area of the face is smaller, the process will be over within 20 minutes. The most targeted locations on the face are- chin, upper-lips temples and cheeks.


The perk of getting laser done is that you can lead a normal life.Whenever you opt for laser hair removal London, make sure that you choose a reputable clinic.Stay away from local spas and parlours to save a few bucks. Do not wait long, take an appointment today!


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  1. I have not thought much about laser treatment in general but facial laser sounds like something I could try.