Tuesday 20 April 2021


The weather has been glorious over the past few weeks hasn’t it? , and the sun shining really does bring me so much happiness, give me all that vitamin D goodness  :)

We have got a heatwave coming soon too , keeping my fingers and toes crossed for that, so it’s all about getting them legs out now and getting that wardrobe ready for the summer . 

One thing I love to wear is shorts ,and that has taken me years and years to say. I definitely think body positively and confidence is becoming more and more known and I love that so much, I haven’t always been happy in my own skin.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin and with who you are makes life so much happier, it sounds so obvious and easy doesn’t It, but it can be so hard

It can be very confusing , the world of fitness, where to start, how to train, what to eat. Things like this are very important.If you have the expendable income you could invest in a personal trainer, who will condense all the information and tailor a specific plan to you. When identifying a personal trainer, ensure they can prove they have completed a level 3 personal trainer course

A few years ago , there was no way you would see me in a pair of shorts!, pyjama shorts for bed was all you was getting out of me , I use to hate the way my legs ‘sat’ in shorts , and my cellulite. As I’ve got older I have almost found myself , if that makes sense, and become so much more confident in my own body and my own style .

There was also a time where I wouldn’t wear a certain thing because of age , which took a good few years off me really wanting to embrace some lovely pieces , but just not having the confidence to do so.

Now , is a whole different level of love for myself , If I want to wear shorts and a crop top - I’m wearing it , regardless of my age or my body shape , I’m wearing that crop top and pair of shorts and feeling good in it :) 

You all know I love a co-ord, I know , I’m a little obsessed with them , I’ve found this PERFECT summer lilac crop top and short co-ord . 

I am so happy with this set and I am in love with the lilac , it is so pretty and this set is currently under £10!, what an absolute bargain.

I’ve been loving blue mid wash distressed denim shorts. They are super casual fitting , so comfy and go with literally everything!.

 I’ve been pairing them with a simple vest top recently and a cardigan if it gets a bit cool, but honestly these shorts are going to be a summer favourite for sure.

So the Pubs and beer gardens are open now  and we have actually booked in for a family meal this week as it’s my birthday and we haven’t been out for anyone’s birthday in so long.

I wanted something to wear that was a little bit dressed up but also kept me warm as we do have to eat outside and it does get a little bit chilly.

This black and white Dalmatian print midi dress had my name written all over it . It is gorgeous!. It’s not thick at all , the perfect spring and summer evening dress , but long sleeve so keeps you warm when it gets a little later on in the evening.

I’m 5ft4 and it sits just below my knees , I absolutely love it and feel amazing in it too :) I can not wait to get out for a meal and feel a little bit more of a normality life again.

Are you summer ready this year ? ..


  1. I am definitely not summer ready at all. I do struggle in both summer and winter for different reasons but we have to go on! These are some great outfits!

  2. I do love the outfits from Femme Luxe as they are quite feminine, i love the lilac outfit and what a bargain price as well

  3. I agree that feeling good in your own skin gives you confidence. I am hoping for the nicer weather to continue so we can enjoy new clothes and not are usual warmer winter clothes

  4. I am not quite summer ready yet although I have bought some new clothes. These clothes look perfect for the summer.

  5. I'm a huge fan of midi dresses, and that one looks great on you. It's so good that you feel comfortable to wear shorts now, I tend to go for knee length cut offs, thats my limit at the moment x