Wednesday 14 April 2021


It’s been a whole year now since the world went into absolute turmoil and we are finally coming out of it slowly but surely, and what a rollercoaster this year has been.

I haven’t wrote about the lockdown pandemic or covid at all over this year because honestly, I was hoping to forget it ever happened like a lot of us , but in all fairness I think we all need to remember how strong and brave we all have been in this .

Homeschooling has definitely come with its challenges, if you are new here then I have two daughters aged 11 and 3 who have been home learning for most of the pandemic , and they have been absolutely smashing it and doing so well , but missing the social side of school has been very difficult for them and they are so happy to be back at school with all their friends.

Being self employed and working from home as well as home learning and keeping the house afloat , well, I don’t like to blow my own trumpet , but I am going to, I have been managing to keep it all going and I couldn’t be any more proud of doing it all .

A close family member ended up with covid at the beginning  of the year and it was awful news , thankfully she was ok and it was only because someone she had been in contact with had covid, so she took a Covid test kit  and it was positive. She wasn’t really unwell with it , so we’ve got to count our blessings for that.

Having to stay home during this pandemic has been one of the struggles for me . No travelling meant I was unable to see my parents at all, they live a 6 hour drive away , so we couldn’t even do the door step visits that everyone has been doing to still keep in touch with friends and family .

The last time we saw them was December so we really can not wait for the travel restrictions to be lifted and we can finally get to see nanny and grandad. 

They live in Norfolk by the beach , we go every year in the summer so a seaside holiday is definitely what we have marked up on the calendar for us all as a family :)

We have had a few health worries the last 12 months too.  Tonsillitis, sinusitis and ear infections , both the girls were at home for a period self isolating too, and I am currently recovering from a chest infection , which is definitely taking its tole on my body. 

I was convinced I had covid , and have been so poorly with it . I done a few tests because I just wasn’t sure what it was as I couldn’t get into the doctors at first.

I also ordered some rapid lateral flow covid test kits which we have been using and testing ourselves weekly . They are great kits and give you results in 15 minutes.

Hopefully the antibiotics for my chest infection will clear it all up and I’ll be as good as new soon :)

We have booked in for a nice family meal next week when the restaurants open outside and it is going to be such a nice treat and a breath of fresh air from the year we have had and a fresh start to hopefully normality again.

I’d love to read about your lockdown life and how you have all been and coped ..


  1. The testing kits sound like a really good idea to keep around the home and try and make sure everyone is really safe as can be. Lockdown itself has been such a lesson as well, with how we have had to change and adapt.

  2. It has been a very strange year, I got covid the week between Christmas and New Year and can only think I caught it at a hospital appointment with my daughter as had not been anywhere else

  3. I can't imagine how you've worked from home as someone self employed and homeschooled kids. I can barely sort myself out at home! I hope you get to see your parents soon, it's not nice to be apart for so long x

  4. Myself and a friend have been posting weekly about everything going on in our lives, it has been such a strange time hasn't it?

  5. I need to order some tests and do a test or two before we go away for a little secluded getaway

  6. We get the tests for free as I work in a school and have to do them every few days, I can't wait to stop doing them!