Monday 12 April 2021


Another what I wore this week and the weather has definitely been hit and miss, we have had all sort this past week, it’s been madness for sure .

From the sun shining and having a picnic in the fields at lunchtime with friends , to getting the loungewear back on and layering  up on jackets as it’s been snowing and hailing  , I mean we actually had snow , where is the sun?.

What is going on with the weather England, stop messing about and give us all the spring vibes and sunshine please :)

So Monday was actually a lovely day ,weather wise , there was a little chill in the air , but it was such a lovely spring day , you know when the birds are chirping and gives you all that spring vibe.

I wore this gorgeous check print pink button up oversized shacket. It is the perfect spring colour and honestly , it’s a staple for this time of year . It’s not to heavy , but perfect for covering up your arms when the wind hits.

If you are wondering on the ‘oversize’ on these , I ordered an extra small and I am a size 10 and I think it fits quite nice. I didn’t want it super oversized , but big enough so I could get a jumper under it if I wanted to.

Plus it has pockets - bonus!!!

Tuesday was a work day inside , so I went for all the comfies and wore this navy loungewear tracksuit set. It is the softest material and almost feels like pyjamas ,it’s that comfortable. I wear these all the time for work days in.

I wear a size 8-10 and have this in so many different colours , the mulberry colour is gorgeous too!.

Wednesday was SO cold , we had snow and hail and I had never seen anything like it , in April!. It’s my birthday at the end of this month and I really hope I’m not wearing a tracksuit for my birthday meal out - ha!.

If you have followed me for a while then you will know when it gets cold , my go to are these loungewear sets. This cropped lilac hoodie and high waisted joggers loungewear set  is the one . 

I am in love with lilac this spring and it is definitely becoming a popular colour for this season. The high waisted joggers are so soft and wash really well too, no shrinking , which I find a lot of joggers end up looking cropped , not a look I want :)

I love cropped hoodies , and they really flatter the figure whilst still keeping you feeling warm and cosy .

Thursday was a glorious day, the sun was beaming and it was super hot so we had planned a picnic so we dressed up a little which was so nice as we haven’t done that in such a LONG time !. 

I wore this black strappy lace floral lace bodysuit with a leopard print maxi skirt and actually felt amazing. It Went together so nicely and we had such a nice afternoon in the sunshine . 

Fingers crossed we get some more sunshine over the weekend and we will all be in dresses and shorts , ready for tan season  :)


  1. That shacket is lovely, what a gorgeous colour! I definitely need to check out Femme Luxe and see what there is.

  2. The check print shacket looks so nice, I bought a shacket recently and it's been so nice for when the sun has been out but it's not been that warm x