Saturday 10 April 2021


 Paddington  bear has been a love in this house for many years . Kadiann use to love him when she was little and she will be 18 next month , I love how the children’s childhood favourites have been passed on down. 

The same with magazines, it’s been a tradition since Kadiann was little that they get a magazine on a Friday after school as a treat to do over the weekend , and we are still keeping up with that with Nila .

Nila has been loving the new Adventures of Paddington magazine, she says it’s the best thing ever!. 

It’s full of educational activities which I really love , not many magazine have it all do they? but one that has learning and fun, is definitely ticking the boxes for me.

Every issue includes pages and pages of stickers , craft ideas, stories, puzzles, even cut out activities , Nila love scissors! :) - endless amounts of fun!.

The free gifts are an added bonus and this one comes with play money and a bank card which saves me from letting Nila play with mine .. we lost it once for 2 days!.

It also comes with a little shopping trolley, Paddington and some groceries which is brilliant for pretend play and little ones creative minds. I love what they get up to when you leave them to use their imagination.

Paddington was going to the shop as they had ran out of milk and his little bear cub didn’t like having his shreddies without milk apparently :) 

She also loves drawing and art so we’ve entered into the drawing competition too which all the details are in the magazine.

The colouring pages are great for learning to keep in the lines when colouring and the pictures are quite bold which is great for this age range , not to many tiny fiddly bits to colour in.

This magazine is aimed at children aged 3-6 so perfect for Nila , and it comes out every 4 weeks so a great monthly treat if you after something for your little ones .

For more info or to purchase your own copy then you can head to Redan Publishing Website where they will  have it all there for you .


  1. Paddington Bear is such a classic isn't it? My boys sometimes watch the programme on Milkshake in the mornings. It looks like a lovely magazine.

  2. That looks perfect for younger children, mine used to love Paddington when they were little

  3. Ooh both of my boys love Paddington and bet my youngest would love this magazine

    Laura x