Thursday 8 April 2021


 Unicorns are definitely a firm favourite in this house , I mean come on , we’re talking unicorns here! ,the best mythical creature going :) 

We are all ready for National Unicorn Day coming up this Friday 9th April, and we have the cutest little 5 surprise fairy unicorn squad mystery capsules,  thanks to Zuru who have kindly sent us some of their surprise balls to get us started🦄 . 

Unwrap and peel to reveal the surprise capsule to find the cutest little unicorn bestie along with so many surprises including stickers and cute little accessories.

The ball has 5 different compartments so that means five surprises in one!. Every unicorn comes with matching swappable fairy wings and a super long tail to brush & style. 

The girls love anything blind bag or surprises so these are their absolute favourite , and we have had such a blast opening all of these .

Inside one of the compartments you also get two mythical ,sweet scented unicorn poops, I know , but they honestly smell amazing and in our opinion , is the best kind of slime ,the soft cotton feeling kind , perfect and so therapeutic. 


You mix them both together to reveal a surprise colour!. We ended up getting blue , purple and green .The girls thought it was so cool that the two colours you start with is always yellow and white - magic! .

There are 13 different unicorns to collect , we had our eyes set on Mysty and actually got her twice which was even better as the girls have one each, which is always a bonus if you get dupes :)

There is a SUPER RARE golden Fairy Unicorn to find, but Mysty is definitely our favourite so far 😍 . We managed to collect 6 of them and the girls have asked for some more to add to their collection.

They both have birthdays coming up soon, one in June and one in July and they are both excited to complete their collections by the end of the summer .

I’d love to know if you are collecting them , we could always do some swaps, if not and you are after some then you can pick them up from Smyths Toys   :) 

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  1. I love these little unicorns, they are so cute. But it is a big no to the slime, even if they do smell nice LOL

  2. These are very cute; they remind me of the aliens in slime I used to collect when I was younger, as they came in capsules like this. My friends used to tell me they would have babies and I would sit there watching them for ages, but I think it was a lie! Haha :)

  3. These toys look like so much fun for kids! My daughter would love this as she loves unicorns!

  4. I had no idea national unicorn day was a thing, but it seems like a good excuse to start collecting these x

  5. Aren't these the cutest little things. They are just what my girls would have loved when they were younger.

  6. Awww these are so cute, my nephew and niece both love unicorns and I know they would love these mystery surprise unicorns.

  7. These look super cute, great that you get a toy and other surprises in the pod. Who knew unicorn day was a thing?

  8. I missed that it was National Unicorn Day yesterday - my little girl is obsessed! These look like a lot of fun.

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