Tuesday 6 April 2021


The half term definitely couldn’t of come quick enough, we’ve all been absolutely exhausted and ready for a break!. Getting back into the swing of things was definitely a challenge and we ended up with isolation, tonsillitis and a house full of cold.

We are all fine now thank god , and have had a lovely Easter weekend. I made sure I took some time off work to be in the present you know?.

Working for yourself and at home , it’s hard to balance a break or take time off , but I really have enjoyed a few days with not checking emails or having to meet deadlines.

I spent Friday spring cleaning and getting the house ready for the holidays , we did a bit in the garden , mainly rubbish and spraying weed killer on the monstrosity of weeds that we have , Bain of my life! :)

Saturday we had a nice lazy morning , we watched Hop, which is a tradition this time of year , and the girls decorated their gingerbread Easter biscuits , anyone else’s kiddies love eating the icing more than actually decorating the biscuits!. 

Sunday was a full on day, the girls had their Ostara baskets and got tons of chocolate and sweets. I also put gifts in their baskets too.

They always get a new book each, some face masks or hair clips , Nila had a toy story mashem,they are the new obsession with her , thanks to YouTube !.

We had two Easter hunts , as Daddy went in the garden and hide a load of kinder egg surprises so we were back outside finding them ,they definitely have enough treats to last them the whole of the half term :)

We ended the day with home made toad in the hole , and I’ve got to say, it was epic! .

 I gave up on making toad in the hole years ago as the batter never went right but this was a success and was absolutely delicious.

We stayed outside in the sunshine until bedtime and the girls were flat out as soon as their heads hit the pillow !.

We’ve had a lovely weekend and hope you have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend too ..


  1. It really sounds like you have had a wonderful Easter weekend - that toad in the hole looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Awww how lovely that you guys managed to have a relaxing and happy Easter weekend.

  3. It looks like you had a lovely Easter weekend and lots of chocolate fun, I haven't had toad in the hole for a long time

  4. That sounds like such a good weekend, the gingerbread biscuits look so nice and the toad in the hole looks amazing x