Sunday 4 April 2021


 If you have followed me for a while then you will know we have been on a massive journey in the last few houses we have lived in with damp.

We also vlogged some of our journey and I actually got really poorly because of it when being pregnant with Nila , and it was such a horrible experience.

Fast forward a few years later , and we are now in our forever home , damp free and it is definitely a breath of fresh air.

I wanted to share some tips with you on how to damp proof your home that we have tried and tested and have made such a difference .

First you need to figure out which type of damp you are working with , yes there is more than just one . 


 This is known for most of us and most will of had it at some point. Almost like it feels wet in the air , and you might notice the walls looking wet ,this is usually linked with drying clothes on the radiators.


Getting a clothes horse to dry your clothes on rather than the actual radiator makes such a different , also opening the windows in the room you are drying your clothes in will massively help.


Condensation is quite a common one and we’ve had it in most of our homes. Poor ventilation is normally the cause of this and we actually had no air vents in some of the rooms in our last home which made it even worse .


Investing in a humidifier was an absolute god send for us . It collects all the moisture out of the air and you just empty it when it’s full. If you can’t afford one then leaving a window open a tiny bit does help along with leaving doors open rather than shutting them all ,let’s the air circulate through better.

These are just a few damp issues we have had and some of our solutions that helped us along the way to a damp free home .

DBI have recently wrote an article of the different types of damp in great detail , why they occurr and all the different solutions to fix them . 

If you’ve got any tips when it comes to damp proofing your home then do share .


  1. We can get quite bad damp, which isn’t helped by 2 of our windows not opening at the minute. We’re getting these replaced soon though.

  2. I invested in a good humidifier because condensation was bad in my previous place plus I always hang clothes outside

  3. My friend has a condensation problem as they don't have a bathroom window so the upstairs isn't as well ventilated. I will tell her about a humidifier.

  4. This is so important as damp can cause havoc on our homes and health!! Great tips

    Laura x