Friday 2 April 2021


I have always loved singing and playing musical instruments from a young age , ever since music lessons in school, I definitely think I got the feel for music then ,and ever since it’s been a passion of mine.

A fun fact about me is I can actually play quite a few instruments- the drums , guitar and the piano.

I can remember always wanting to go round  a particular friends house after school as her mum had the most amazing piano in their dining room and she always let me practice on it .

Piano definitely took me to a calmer place when I was a teenager , the notes just fell off of your fingers and you really get drawn in. Piano is such a lovely thing to be able to play and Art of the Country have some great learning tips on their site to help beginners get started.

I’ve got 3 reasons why you should learn to play :)


playing the piano is an amazing stress reliever. Anxiety played a big part in my childhood and playing the piano really did release a lot of it and it forces you to focus on what you are playing rather than what is bothering you.


Pianos aren’t the cheapest of musical equipments so it’s lovely to see that this paints store is one of London’s oldest and well established piano stores are still offering long term loan services, which is amazing .

For people who aren’t quite ready to full commit to a big purchase or just haven’t got the money , loaning one is a fantastic idea.

They also have a piano advice section on their website, so if you had any questions or wanted to know something then definitely check it out as there is lots of information on there :)


Self confidence in this day and age can be so fragile can’t it?. We often doubt ourselves all the time and feel like we’re not good enough.

Creating your own music and hearing it played aloud , especially in front of friends and family is so rewarding and a massive confidence booster.

Starting from scratch and coming up with a beautiful piece of music after putting so much effort in is so satisfying and really does make you so proud of yourself , it really does build up that self confidence and belief in yourself .

I’d love to know if you can play the piano or if you ever played one and if so what is your favourite piece to play? Mine is definitely Celine Dion , my heart will go on .


  1. I actually tried learning when I was still at school and enjoyed it for a bit but then fell out of touch with it.

  2. My Mum can play the piano and we now have one here as she lives with us. I can’t play though.

  3. I think learning a musical instrument is such a great skill to have. Love the idea you can loan one as well first.

  4. I always wanted to learn to play the piano. I do a few simple tunes, but I did guitar instead

  5. I had piano lessons at school and I have forgotten almost entirely how to play. I am determined to get some lessons so I can pick it up again as you're right it is so good for stress busting!