Wednesday 28 April 2021


Being a carer has always been a passion of mine. If you have been a regular reader of mine then you will know I have worked in the care community for over 15 years .

Caring in the community has got to be one of my favourite jobs that I have ever done and it is by far one of the most rewarding.

Being able to help someone stay in their own homes and give them the opportunity to keep their independence is the best feeling in the world.

I have done Domiciliary care now for 7 years and it honestly feels like a second home.

We provide all kinds of services from personal hygiene help, household chores to shopping and running errands.

We also provide more high dependency support , mobility help around the home , catheter support and medication.

A lot of clients have early stages of dementia therefore they need a few visits each day to help with daily encouragement for a routine. 

You would be surprised how much help a carer coming into a home can encourage and support a person with early stages of dementia. Having a company like care for family coming in on a regular basis to see your loved one in the early stages of dementia can be a great ease to the mind. 

Keeping up with a clients daily schedule and routines that they follow each day enforces memory skills and it is vital for someone with early onset dementia.

One of our clients who has dementia loves movies, and one of our favourite things to do in their afternoon call is to put on an old film with a cup of tea and some rich tea biscuits.

It honestly makes her day and it takes her back to being younger. These are the times I cherish my job and feel blessed to have the role that I have.

Sometimes companionship is the best form of medicine for these clients and sometimes you are the only person that they are seeing all day .

Choosing domiciliary care for your loved ones is the best way to keep them in their own homes and maintain their independence and also their happiness. Their surroundings are what they know - family photos, favourite armchair , even smells .

If you are looking into needing some Domiciliary care for yourself or a loved one then Abafields Homecare  have all the information on their website, you can also give them a call or an email with and enquires you might have . 


  1. I’m so glad my Mum lives with us and I don’t have to worry about her being on her own later in life.

  2. I think this is such a great option for elderly people who need extra help but don't want to leave their home. My nan had carers visit for a while after she broke her hip, they helped get her meals ready.