Monday 26 April 2021


A throw back from the past and SO much fun - moon shoes . If you grew up in the 90s then you would definitely remember, the toy that we all wanted!.

Moon shoes turn your feet into mini trampolines and defy gravity, honestly .They are so cool!.

To assemble them ,now, this does take a bit of muscle work , not going to lie :)

So depending on the weight of the person using them will determine how many bands you need on each hook , make sense?.

 You connect the bands through the boot and over the hook , almost like you connect the hooks to an actual trampoline.

If your weight is 60lb or less then you will only need one band. Between 60lbs and 100lbs, you will need two bands on each hook and if your weight is between 100lbs - 130lbs then you will need 3 bands.

I can’t tell you how excited I was as I just made the cut for using them ... yes!.

We had such a blast in the garden with these , all the girls joined in and it was so nostalgic too, and so lovely that something from my childhood I could share with the girls , and they definitely give them a thumbs up.

We had mini races and tried all kinds of jumps in the air , they are such a good workout for your legs too and definitely great for getting the kids moving more .

Perfect for learning balance and co ordination skills , and way better than the iPads - ask my kids!. 

They are made of high quality density plastic , with adjustable Velcro straps , so they are really sturdy and feel safe on, even if Alessia was absolutely petrified! Ha! .

Make sure you are wearing trainers with them and not bare foot as you’ll need the Velcro straps on pretty tight to feel secure.

They are aimed at children aged 7+ and shoe size up to 7.5UK.

These are going to be perfect for the summer and I know all Alessia’s friends are going to love having a go of these in the holidays.

If you are after getting yourself a pair you can find them at Argos RRP £30.00.

-Gifted item in exchange for a review  


  1. Oh my these look soooo much fun! For kids and adults alike 🤣

  2. Ha, those look like great fun for kids. I can imagine they'd be a good workout and funny to watch the kids using them.

  3. Haha these look incredible and like so much fun! I could definitely see Jack and his friends enjoying using these.

  4. Oh these remind me of the "kangaroo" shoes that were a fitness fad in the 80's. Something fun for kids, though I think I'd prefer rollerskates lol!

  5. The are ACE! I had a pair when I was younger and absolutely loved them! Loved my space hopper too!