Saturday 24 April 2021


 When it comes to saving money in the home then you know I am the first one there to shout about it .

We have been trying to save as much as we can since the beginning of last year and we now have enough savings for a well deserved family holiday. 

I think we could all do with a holiday after the year we have all had. It’s only taken us a year to save and I thought I would share some of our energy saving tips and ideas on how you can save money too.


If you have children then you would be surprised on how many lights actually stay on throughout the day. Being consciously aware of it since trying to reduce  our energy bills, I was forever telling the girls to turn off the lights.

It did take them a while to remember the habit but after a few weeks it becomes second nature and you won’t have to keep nagging :) .


I have always washed on a hot temperature as I thought that was the best setting to get stains and mucky hand prints out of  , but it actually doesn’t make a difference.

For the children’s stained clothes , like spaghetti bolognese from dinner on a school shirt , spray it with some vanish and leave it to soak for half an hour before you put it in the wash and it comes out perfect!.


Is your boiler up to scratch and working the way it should be ?.We had trouble with our boiler and had to call someone out to check it . In the end we needed a boiler replacement.

 If you need your boiler looking at then Range heating provide a variety of central heating services from full installations, repairs , upgrades or even just a routine check over to see if everything’s working in top form.


This one is where a lot of people go wrong and the hassle of switching puts them off . I actually had a look around last year for a better supplier, and I found one , lower cost and I  also got a £50 lush gift card as a new customers , and we all know how much I love Lush !.


Did you know that by not switching off your devices they are still costing you? , I didn’t have a clue , I thought I’f your phone wasn’t connected to the charger then it wasn’t being used but it definitely is , and by unplugging them devices and turning off them switches we are now saving a small fortune.

I hope these tips and tricks help you to Aldi’s ave for that family holiday this year :)


  1. As someone who just had a massive bill, these are very timely and helpful tips! So important to save as much as possible - both for the environment and to save some cash too.

  2. We have a smart metre and pay differing electricity rates depending on the price at that particular time of the day. So I tend to avoid doing anything like washing/ the dishwasher between 5 and 8pm as they're the peak times x

  3. Great tips - my kids are terrible at leaving lights on. I also need to remember to unplug things!