Thursday 3 June 2021


When it comes to dating , I have got to say ,I am a complete novice .Fancy dates in restaurants with a few cocktails is definitely not my kind of scene, am I being boring?.

I never really did a lot of dating in the past and I actually met Mezz online , which was really taboo 12 years ago, but now it is definitely a craze and seems to be everyone’s go to when it comes to dating , especially since the pandemic hit!.

Dating apps are the most popular thing that was downloaded in 2020, and Bedfordshire dating sites probably hit an all time high with users wanting to still get out there and meet their special someone.

Online dating doesn’t have to be boring though , I know I’ve had some really cool dates online and they are up there with some of the funniest ones too ,as well as dating face to face.


A cook with me date on zoom has been so popular in lockdown and can even be done with a group of friends!. Crack open a bottle of wine and prepare the same meal on zoom, put some songs and have a dance and a sing along and then sit down and eat together - perfect evening in :)


Now the cinemas have opened again, I have been SO happy!. I have really missed cinema dates so much, I’m such a film fanantic. Bedfordshire have an outdoor cinema which I’ve never been to an outdoor cinema before but would absolutely love to, especially now the sun has made an appearance and the weather is glorious.


Speaking of sunshine , a picnic in the park is always a great date , whether it’s your first date or you’ve been together for years.

Pack an iPad and watch some of your favourite Netflix series whilst your there too, make a day of it , but don’t forget the sunscreen!.


If you are into museums and have missed them over lockdown then a virtual museum tour date would be right up your street.We did one a few months back and it was really cool and not what I was expecting at all.

I am sure you would find someone on the Bedfordshire dating  site that enjoyed your hobbies and interests, they are designed to find you your perfect match :)


One of my favourite places to go is the Zoo, it’s definitely underrated and makes a perfect day date. ZSL Whipsnade zoo in Bedfordshire is one of the best ones we’ve been too, and have been there quite a few times now.

It’s a whole day out and there is so much to see and really affordable too, and it’s now open again after being closed due to the pandemic.

I’d love to know your top dating ideas in Bedfordshire and if you’ve done any of mine , give them a score out of 10...


  1. These are some lovely date ideas, especially when you are limited where you can go. I always thought that a picnic in the park was so romantic.

  2. Virtual museum visits is something I have never thought of - what a good thing to come of COVID.

  3. My first place to visit would be the zoo. I just love animals. Then maybe a lovely quiet picnic in the park to finish the day off

  4. I'm old school, a good meal and the cinema and I'm happy! Lol Mich X

  5. Great ideas for dating in Beds. I love Whipsnade Zoo and hope to go again soon. There's some fab places in the county.

  6. Fab ideas and all totally up my street! I've always loved doing activities like the zoo rather than just going 'out out'. Never done a virtual museum tour though, great idea!