Saturday 5 June 2021


Norfolk has definitely become our second home over the last few years . My parents moved here over 10 years ago and we absolutely love it here and are always coming up to visit . 

There is so much to do and see here and the countryside is beautiful.

I can remember when my parents first moved here and I’d be visiting them for a week and talking to Mezz over chat rooms as that’s how we met. I’d wait until they had gone up to bed so I could webcam him and we would sit up for hours talking, we even play board games on the webcam :)

Online dating is so care free isn’t it?, if you are not really that into someone, you can just scroll across them on a Norfolk dating site  and be on with your day, no hassle on having to bump into them or face them , just scroll past and on to the next :)

 We’ve been up here visiting my parents this week so I’ve come up with a few dating ideas around Norfolk as I know quite a few of you are local to here and there are some lovely places.

Bowling House in Norwich is a great night out . It’s a food and cocktails bar as well as a bowling alley and the food is absolutely incredible.

They do lovely Prosecco cocktails too and it is such a great night out , perfect for a date too as you can dine and drink, then play bowling and lose , like I normally do after a few drinks, ha!.

Virtual movie nights were something Mezz and I did whilst I was visiting my parents in Norfolk. If you are on the Norfolk dating  online scene and looking for a virtual date night then movie and popcorn is definitely a good one .

We use to always pick horror films and I’d end up thinking someone was in the house with every little noise I heard , I’m still the same now! :)

Quiz nights have been so popular during lockdown and they are a great way to break the ice when dating , and make a fantastic virtual online date as you can join in with other people too if you’re not feeling to confident .

You could play as a team or against each other and who ever beats the other one can give the loser a forfeit or something - I can see this being a lot of fun! :) 

Picnic on the beach. Now Norfolk is known for it’s beautiful beaches , there are so many. Depending on where abouts you are in Norfolk, there is definitely a beach close by. 

Make a little picnic and pack a bottle of wine and head to the beach for the day, we are definitely having the weather for a lovely beach picnic date.

For a more thrill and adventurous date then the escape room in Kings Lynn sounds brilliant!. From time travel rooms to an actual pandemic room!, you’d definitely have to put your brains together for a date like this. 

If you’ve got any good dating ideas then definitely let me know and I’ll share them in my next post :)


  1. We love Norfolk too. There are plenty of lovely places to go out walking and lots of great restaurants and pubs too.

  2. I think there's nothing lovelier than packing up a picnic just the two of you without the kids climibing all over you! Plus the weather has been perfect for it recently...

  3. I cannot wait to be able to go out again. Sounds like you have lots to do locally

  4. Norfolk is stunning I went a few times years back. I never visited any beaches I would love to do that with the family.