Tuesday 17 August 2021


When the sun is shining we always try and make the most of it by getting outside.Planning as much as we can in the fresh air whilst it is warm , the better.

Hirsty’s Family Fun Park is the perfect place for a family day out in Norfolk , and I mean a whole day out , it is jam packed with things to do.

We have been visiting for quite a few years now as we go on holiday in Hemsby quite a lot , and first noticed that they had a mega maze. I hadn’t realised that they had so much more inside until we first went.

There is actually two mazes , the big mega maze , which is awesome and we always get lost, or you end up trying to mark a spot to see if you are going round in circles :)

In this maze the aim is to find all the animals and what activity they are doing and stick the stickers onto your map which you get at the entrance.

The smaller maze is a little easier for Nila who has just turned 4. This is also where some of the other game answers is , but I won’t spoil that one for you,you’ll have to find out for yourself :)

We had a pit stop for some lunch as they have their own hungry hut. Burgers and chips and a tuna salad, then we had tea and cake and then ice cream, the girls can definitely eat ,and the food here is absolutely delicious.

You can also bring your own picnic and food too which would be a great way to save money if you was on a budget.

Their burgers are made with their own home bred beef and lamb, and their ice cream is locally sourced and made on a farm.

After we did the mazes, the girls were spoilt for choice . There is bouncy castles , zip wires and the play park is endless.

Nila loved climbing up the rocks to get to the slide , she made so many friends too and it was such a lovely atmosphere.

They also have a crazy golf course which is all handmade including the golf clubs which are retired wellie boots and wooden sticks for the handles! :)

We ended up spending just under 5 hours at Hirstys,the girls were absolutely worn out and Nila said it was the best day ever .

For an unlimited day out I think the prices are great.Under 3s are free , children 3-16 is £10.50 and adults is £8.50.They also do a summer pass and gift vouchers which I think is a brilliant idea . 

Be sure to check out their events as they also do a really fun pumpkin patch for Halloween :)

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  1. How cool, there looks like so much to do here! Can't believe Halloween is coming around so fast - I'd love to visit a pumpkin patch x