Wednesday 18 August 2021


 We are no strangers when it comes to the Sealife centres , we love them and was merlin pass holders a few years ago and visited a few times a year.

Great Yarmouth is very much our summer holidays pit stop and we always end up for a week or two . 

We haven’t been to the  Great Yarmouth Sealife Centre for a while now and the girls couldn’t wait to go on an underwater adventure there again.

On entrance we were given some magnifying glasses , which Nila was so excited for , and some information about the new rock pool which we hadn’t seen yet, but was really looking forward to!.

As soon as we walked in , Nila was in awe of all the fishes. She was only little when we last came , so it was almost like her first trip and she was absolutely mesmerised by it all.

The jellyfish are definitely my favourite and always have been. It’s just something about them and how they move so calmly in their tanks .

This area is really cool as it’s dark but lit up by the jelly fish and the wall art , that’s why I love it so much.

We then headed through to the penguin area . The girls loved going up top as you can walk up the stairs to get a closer look on the deck.We’ve never actually managed to get upstairs due to it always being so busy so this was a real treat.

We read the penguin’s card and it was adorable as Tim and Flipper are actually dating , and you can definitely tell. They were pretty much joined at the hip and kissing at one point! :)

The sharks were one thing Nila and Alessia were so eager to see . They are a little bit obsessed with sharks and couldn’t wait to find them. 

All Nila kept saying was wow this is amazing!. The Medusa statue is still there too which makes the tunnel even more magical .

We ended with the New Rock Pool explorer area which we couldn’t get the girls away from . The starfish was Alessia’s favourite, she was a little scared to touch them at first but the guy who was there was really good with the girls and talked them through it all and had some really fascinating information about the sea creatures .


Did you know that a star fish can drop an arm if they are in danger and need to escape? ,and then they just grow it back? How bizarre and amazing is that!.

We had a lovely afternoon and the girls did a lot of walking :)

Entry to Sealife is currently a booking system on their website . Prices start from £18.95.

I’d love to know if you have visited before, and if so , what was your favourite part :)

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  1. t's been years since we went to a sealife centre, we really must go again as there is one close to us in Brighton. I bet the sharks were fun to see. Mich x

  2. We love it at the Sealife centre in Great Yarmouth - we always visit when in the area! Looks like you had a fun visit.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun! I love the jellyfish pictures. Thanks for sharing, great photos :)

  4. I have not been to a Sea Life centre for years, but always loved them and always got mesmerised by the jelly fish and could spend ages just watching them