Saturday 28 August 2021


Golf is definitely not something we play often. I think we all associate it with a very hard to do sport and something that you had to be quite good at to play.

We were invited down to Goin’golf in Fenton, Stoke - on -Trent to try our hand at some of their game sessions.

Now this is no ordinary golf, this is a virtual stimulation game , and you are definitely in for a treat .

There are a few different game sessions to choose from.We started with the Candy Crush themed Block breaker game and it was so much fun. 

We opted for easy, which I thought was a great feature . Easy, medium or hard- with Nila only being 4, the easy option is great for small children or if you are not that great, like me :) 

There are two options for this game , hit as many blocks as you can , including the bombs , 2x points and the TNT , which Alessia smashed a few times , show off !.

You can also opt for hitting a certain colour which I thought would also be great for little ones to help them with their colours - you can tell I’m a parent whilst reading this can’t you :)

The stimulator is really good. It gives good accuracy and it didn’t feel weird being inside at all.

The golf balls automatically fall into a gutter and you move them to the end where all the balls get collected. I thought it was such a smart system and we were really impressed.

We had a drink break as this golf is thirsty work!. The menu has a huge array of drinks , fancy milkshakes made from every chocolate bar you have every heard of, delicious smoothies and also mocktails which I thought was a great touch.

They also do cakes and light snacks if you wanted a tea and cake break.

The last game we chose was the darts , which was really cool. You had to hit the golf ball over the river to the dart board and score that way.

Everyone got a bulls eye , apart from me. I definitely need to come back to practice my skills as I got beaten by a 4 year old ! .

We’ve had a lovely morning at Goin’Golf and can’t wait to go back with friends.

If your interested in booking a session , prices or anything else then you can check out Goin’Golf .

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  1. I've not done this before. Looks like you had a really lovely time. It must have been different and fun for the kids.

  2. We absolutely love Goin' Golf. I am not particularly in to Golf although the boys love it but I really liked playing the games, so fun.

  3. I love mini golf but haven't done a virtual golf experience. It sounds pretty cool! I think my husband would enjoy this with me

  4. This looks like great fun, plus it is also something you can enjoy if the weather is not great

  5. I love the idea of virtual golf as you can have the fun side of it and play the games without it being too serious x

  6. Ohh this looks very interesting, a real modern twist on playing golf. I think I'd enjoy the darts game with my kids, bring on the competitive spirit!

  7. Sounds like a fabulous experience for your whole family. My kids love crazy golf so this virtual golf would be something they also enjoy

  8. This sounds like so much fun! We love golf in our house so our family would definitely love to give it a go!

  9. This sounds really different and something I would love to try out with my kids. Looks like so much fun

  10. I hadn't heard of virtual golf before. It sounds like the perfect thing to do with kids. How fun!