Sunday 29 August 2021


Over on my YouTube I do a round up / favourites video every month of all the things I’ve been loving and you all seem to enjoy them.So I thought I would start a monthly rounds up on my blog . I get a few bits sent through the post , either PR samples , review stuff or little gifts.I thought it would be nice to showcase them every month and show you what’s new and what we’ve been loving  :) 

So this month has definitely been a month of goodies . Which we was not mad about at all!.It’s the summer holidays so snacks for the kids and me have been very much appreciated and we have loved every single thing this month which is always great :)


First of all I have got to shout out to these flapjacks by   Flapjackery  .These flapjacks are gluten free and are unreal and honestly, the best flapjacks we have ever tasted!.

They are all handmade in Devon using British oats and all their ingredients are locally sourced, which I absolutely love.

All flapjacks are individually wrapped and have a great shelf life, not that they last very long in this house :) . They have some amazing flavours, the salted caramel one is incredible and I hope I’ll be featuring them in another monthly round up soon as I am eager to try the sea salt one, yum!.

Now the love of flapjacks in this house goes all around , especially with little Nila. She has loved the Organix oaty bars for the longest time , we call them ‘flapjacks’ .

She has also been loving the puff corn ‘crisps’ .Over the last month we have had our fair share of movie nights  and organix goodies are a movie night must have for little Nila!.

So movie nights always call for crisps , am I right? . Sharing bags all round . You can’t beat the Kettle chips  for a night of horror films!, don’t munch on them whilst theirs a quiet part in the film though, it gets so noisy!! :)

The new steakhouse barbecue flavour is unreal!, you definitely need to pick some up. We’ve also been loving the vegan sheese flavour too.

We all know I am a little obsessed with iced coffee , if you don’t , then where have you been hiding? :)

I’ve been trying out the tea latte range from HumaniTea and I think I am sold!. They are so creamy and refreshing and such a lovely treat in the afternoons with all this warm weather we are having again!.

Let’s hope the sun shines for a little bit longer and we have a bit more of a summer :)

We’ve been loving our evenings in the garden once the children are in bed and a little drink on a Friday. Almost like a well done for getting through another week of the holidays ha!

The Oxford Rye has been our beverage of choice over the past month and it really is delicious.

We’ve been loving it over a glass of ice and lemonade  - such a treat and so morish.

That’s the round up for this month , hope you enjoyed !

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  1. Ok I am most definitely liking the sound of the Flapjackery I think I might have to order some of those to try myself.

  2. I do love roundup posts like this as love finding new products, we love kettle crisps but not tried these yet. We have Oxford Rye and have been enjoying it

  3. Those flapjacks look mouth watering! I loved this little round up!