Monday 30 August 2021


When it comes to camping tents we are definitely newbies and complete novices. We have never been camping before so choosing the ‘right’ one seemed like a mind field!.

Lucky for us , we were kindly sent the SKANDIKA Copenhagen 6 person family tent to test out and I’ve got to say, I think we have found the perfect family camping tent .


Assembling the tent itself was a bit of a faff at first.The instructions aren’t the best , so that’s where we were struggling , but a quick YouTube video later and it was actually pretty easy and straightforward.

I do find that ALL instructions for things are just not what they were like back in the day, now you need to be a brain box to read them! :)

So the set up was pretty straightforward once we knew what we was going. The poles are colour coded with where they need to go on the tent which made things even easier, and the structure of the tent was super secure!.


Inside the tent there is 3 bedrooms, which all have their own enclosure and zips. They also have their own windows which I thought was good. You can also make one big sleeping space if you wanted.

The tent is really high up , so there was no crawling needed or having to constantly bend down to get around, which I know a friend of mine has to do when she goes camping :)

The material is breathable and the air doesn’t get stuffy at all, which is great for the summer!.It also has its own sewn-in base which keeps them pesky insects out, and it definitely does!. A daddy long legs was dying to get inside and the girls stood their laughing at him because he had no chance :) 

The living area is a perfect size for chairs and a table, or for a cosy picnic area . Their are plenty of openings inside too, so you don’t have to use just the main one.


The extra touch for me was the little storage compartments either side of the bedroom entrances. I had forgot to bring anything to store our bits and bobs in like wet wipes , hand sanitizer and card games. 

I didn’t even realise they had the storage compartments until an hour into our camping stay, and definitely jumped for joy.

Such a lovely touch and something a family tent definitely needs. 


This is something I definitely don’t see much of when it comes to tent reviews. We can all get stuff out of the bag but can we get it back in…..

We did look at the tent once we dismantled it and thought there is no way that is going back in the bag, but it did.

We had to do a little sitting on the bag like a suitcase holiday dilemma, but it all went back in ready for it next camping trip!.



  1. It's so nice that you can have one massive open space or three separate bedrooms which is great for families. Putting down tents is always my least favourite part x

  2. I have no idea about tents, camping to me is glamping with beds and electricity etc lol. I am so glad you managed to get it all back in the bag

  3. This sounds like a great tent! Jack wants to go camping as a family so I have been looking into tents recently and this one sounds perfect.

  4. Such a spacious looking tent and I think it is the perfect size for a family of 4, I love that it comes with storage compartments which is so handy to keep little things in

  5. Oh wow what a cool tent! It looks so spacious inside and love that it has the built in ground sheet. I hadn't heard of this brand of tent before but I will definitely go check them out, my two little ones love a camping trip!