Sunday 1 August 2021


 Out of every room in the house, the bathroom tends to be the room given the least attention and respect - which is such a shame! 

Most bathrooms have untapped potential to look not only beautiful but to be a source of pride for the respectable homeowner. Bathrooms are also an aspect of your home that can turn out horribly wrong if mismanaged.


So, if your bathroom needs a little tender loving care and your well of ideas is running dry, then you have come to the right place.

Artistic Tile Painting

And no, not just a simple, bland coat of one specific colour that suits your home’s aesthetic. 


Let’s think more creatively! If you are good at art, you can certainly track down waterproof paints for tiles and begin decorating.


Or if you aren’t too arty, then you can always bring in an artist to paint for you. The joy with this is that you can do anything you want. Need some gorgeous flower murals to match the airy feel? Or maybe you are big into fantasy and want a dragon mural to admire while rinsing your hair?

Got A Green Thumb?

Bathrooms are perfect for tropical plants, mostly due to the humidity that a hot shower will generate. So why not take full advantage of this fact and get an exotic plant that is simply a perfect fit for your stained glass window.


But you don’t need to pick tropical plants, you can pick any kind of plant. As your bathroom is accustomed and designed to be water-resistant it is the perfect room for housing, particularly messy plants.


Don’t Miss Out Towel Racks

This is an aspect of bathrooms that can be overlooked when going through a beautification process. Most, if not every, bathroom will have one - so why not make it work for your aesthetic?


Trade radiators have an excellent reputation for high-quality towel racks. In addition, they also stock a wide range of stylish towel racks for your consideration. Buy into that contemporary style with convection!

Consider Coloured Porcelain

Yes, really. If you are looking to splash a bit more cash for your beautification project, then why not look into getting a wonderfully crafted porcelain aesthetic arranged?


You don’t have to buy into the bog-standard white porcelain. Other, more vibrant and eccentric colours exist for porcelain. This includes, but is not limited to sky blue, mellow peach, soft green, or even dynamic, rich shades of pink.


While committing to coloured porcelain is a big step to take, it can elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic to a whole new level. For this reason alone, we think it is worth considering if you have a significant budget.

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