Saturday 31 July 2021


Last year we went strawberry picking with the girls for the first time and honestly loved it . You really can’t beat freshly picked berries, they taste amazing!.

As you know we are slowing going through our Summer bucket list ideas for the holidays and we’re doing really well I must say! :)

The weather hasn’t been great over the last week and I was dreading we would miss out on the strawberry farm so we woke up this morning and bit the bullet and headed to our nearest one.

We chose a different one this year as the one we went to last year was out of crops so we kept our fingers and toes crossed , and it was definitely not a disappointment!.

We got blackberries, which are my absolute favourite, raspberries and strawberries and they had a lot of crops left so it was a lovely afternoon , minus the little bit of rain but we were all loving it and just skipped along singing in the rain, literally  :) 

We did good and got three massive punnets full of berries , and have had the yummiest fruit bowl this evening with our film.

Have you been Berry picking this summer?


  1. I used to loving going strawberry picking, we had a farm not far away and I know you can pop in and buy some, but not sure if you can pick your own I'll have to find out as now I really want to go!

  2. I love berry picking but haven't been in so long - I am going to see if there is anywhere nearby for us to do it! You all look like you had so much fun!

  3. I love berry picking and so do my kids! I always find the berries that are hand picked taste way better than the supermarket ones

  4. I remember going strawberry picking when I was younger and taking the kids, it is hard not to eat as you pick though

  5. I've never been berry picking as I'm a massive fan of them myself, but it looks like a really fun activity to do as a family x

  6. Ooo what a fun activity to do. We really do love our berries, so this is a perfect activity for us xx