Friday 30 July 2021


One thing for sure is my girls absolutely love slime . If slime is involved then they are there and ready for it!.

So when we got the chance to review the new Doctor slime pet kit , the girls were super excited and couldn’t wait .

The sets include a super cute colour changing pet, there are quite a few to collect from the collection. You need to look after your little pet and help get better with your antibacterial slime.

Use the decoder to figure out what problems your little pet has and then fill out their medical card ready for action!.

Now it’s time to heal your slime pet and make them all better :). Fill your syringe with your doctor special anti bacterial slime , then squish the slime onto your pet and watch them change colour and get all better :) 

The new slime pet kits from canal toys are antibacterial for you too which I thought was such a great idea - play and keeping your hands clean and sanitised at the same time - brilliant!.

This sets are aimed at children aged 5+ and retail at £9.99 which a great price , perfect for pocket money spending too and a great gift for Christmas as we all know it’s just  around the corner ! :)

-Gifted item in exchange for an honest review


  1. As much as I do not like slime kids love it, and this looks like great fun and can see it being very popular with kids

  2. Anything that involves slime I bet is an instant hit, this is very cute x

  3. This sounds like a cute little kit. It also has slime which all of my kids love.

  4. That's a nice price for a set like this. Looks like lots of learning too which is always a plus with a toy!

  5. Anything that involves slime or goo is always a big hit here. Kids just love it don't they?

  6. I love this, perfect for slime and collectible lovers

  7. My girls would have gone wild for these when they were little. We collected all sorts and they would have found these too cute to resist.

  8. Now this is very cool, I used to love slime when I was young, my friends little girl will love this x