Saturday 16 October 2021


 Since a child I have always loved music . It was definitely a passion of mine , singing , dancing and learning to play musical instruments.

I actually ended up going to college to do performing arts and really enjoyed it . It definitely gave me confidence in myself and music is honestly the best form of therapy!.

Did you know that since March 2020, over one million adults have picked up a musical instrument, that is absolutely crazy!, giving us a form of release through covid and the pandemic.

Through this , the mental help benefits of music have been highlighted and musicians experiencing their stress and anxiety levels lessening which is amazing.

Richard Smith has brought out the book, Crazy Crotchets & Quirky Quavers.  It’s a fun book of action piano duets with a quirky edge !. 

Gone are the days sitting with your piano teacher and trying to hold in the yawns in your lesson. Who ever has had Sunday piano lessons in the  90s will definitely be nodding their head and agreeing with me on that one :)

This book lets your teacher teach you in the funniest way possible. It is a book full of wacky, fun action piano duets designed to liven up school concerts and add a bit of funk to your piano lessons.

I think it would be a great way for parents to learn with their children too, and would be a great bonding session.

Not only was Richard  responsible for marketing ‘The Beatles’ recording in Germany.He writes ,arranges, ,conducts and produces records !.

 His passion for providing a hobby for families to learn and enjoy piano is so lovely and learning to play musical instrument in your life time is so rewarding.

If you want to pick up a copy of Crazy crochets & Quirky Quavers then it’s available on Amazon :)


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