Thursday 14 October 2021


When it comes to children, we have a duty to make them feel safe and loved and give them the best in life that we possibly can .

Unfortunately in some cases this is not achievable for whatever reason and the outcome can be quite devesating.

Childhood trauma is such a big thing and yet such a taboo topic that most people are afraid to talk about . To know that over 25% of children that suffer a traumatic event in their life will end up developing a mental illness is heartbreaking.

Living with PTSD , anxiety disorder or depression is such a struggle and the founders of The Centre Of Excellence In Childhood Trauma have recognised this and have decided to organise a conference next month!.

Being someone who has suffered childhood trauma and have experienced anxiety and depression , I am so happy to be sharing with you this amazing organisation and their event that will be taking place in November.

The conference name ‘survival strategies for theraputic parents - from chaos to cake’ was chosen due to the demand of parents for easy access strategies to help them reduce the stress levels and improves the lives of children that are in their care .

Whether that be biological children , fostered or adopted.

Caring for a child that has suffered or is suffering from trauma can be very exhausting , emotionally and physically, relentless and sometimes difficult to understand.

The Centre Of Excellence In Child Trauma provides support for this and also a listening ear . To help you understand that you are not alone in this .

Access to lots of support groups , that will become your safe place and somewhere that you can vent and also help you feel less isolated  - plus there is cake! :)

Tried and tested strategies that aren’t daunting and yet simple and very effective .

The conference is taking place in the National conference centre , Coventry Road , Solihull on the 19th November 2021. The conference is mainly aimed at therapeutic parents : adoptive parents, foster parents and supporting social workers.

The conference will be full of some amazing speakers including Author Therapist Sarah Naish and Psychotherapist Sarah Dillon.

They will be sharing a diverse variety of support strategies ranging from identifying and managing violence, with pointers about where to go for help, right through to practical tools like their management behaviour programmes .

For more information or to book your place then everything you need is on their website :)





  1. This is so important as so many children suffer from mental health issues. Sounds great for them.

  2. This really does sound so worthwhile and useful, my kids have had a few traumatic experiences themselves, my eldest was hit by a car about 5 years ago now, luckily she wasn't badly hurt but it really did effect all of us mentally

  3. This is such a huge thing and something that is not talked about, mental health is a huge problem in children and needs more awareness

  4. It seems so many children are going through some kind of trauma but the system isn't equipped to handle it. We were told there was a waiting list of about 6 months+ to see a therapist. The conference sounds like it would be quite helpful.

  5. So pleased to hear the mental health issues of children is being tackled head on. Too many have had difficulties that are being been made worse in the pandemic.

  6. I hadn't heard of The Centre Of Excellence In Childhood Trauma before. Thank you for raising awareness. The conference sounds interesting.

  7. The Centre Of Excellence In Child Trauma sounds brilliant and a great place to find vital resources