Tuesday 12 October 2021


When October comes around, it’s all about the pumpkin spice lattes and the cosy knitwear. Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year .

Pumpkin pie is something none of us have ever tasted , it’s always been on my list of things to bake but I have never got round to it as I didn’t know if we would like it.

Nila has been going on about pumpkin pie for the last few weeks so I thought I would give it a go this year and I am so glad I did because wow! 

Pumpkin pie is definitely up there with some of my favourite desserts. This is actually my own recipe as the ones I was looking at I didn’t have some of the ingredients so this is a winged recipe and it came out perfect ! :)


2 whole eggs and one yolk

1/2 cup of brown sugar

2 tablespoons of white sugar 

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of nutmeg 

1/2 teaspoon of ground cloves 

1 cup of whipping cream 

For the pastry , I actually brought two ready made cases. Life is definitely to short to be making pastry from scratch in my eyes :)

425G pumpkin purée - I cut my pumpkin in half , de-seeded and baked for half an hour then blitzed with a hand blender but I know you can buy canned pumpkin from Sainsburys.


Preheat your oven 180/ gas mark 4. 

In a bowl mix together your eggs ,sugar and all your spices . Then add in your pumpkin purée.

It will look a little runny but this is normal, I was worried at this point but it’s perfectly fine :)

Place your mixture in your pastry trays and pop them in the oven .

* I put tin foil around the edges of the pies so the crust didn’t burn and took them off 5 minutes before they were done *

Bake on 220 gas mark 7 for around 15 minutes to get it started , then bring it back down to 180 gas mark 4 for around 45 minutes. 

The inside should be firm now , like an egg custard consistency.

Serve up with some whipped cream or squirty cream and enjoy !


  1. I have never tried pumpkin pie either. This looks and sounds so good. x

  2. That looks sooooo good. I haven't tried pumpkin pie before but have been wanting to for a while. Probably the best way is to try this recipe.

  3. I have to admit I have never had pumpkin pie but often wondered what it is like, perhaps I need to try it out.

  4. I have never tred pumpkin pie, I see so many lovely ideas for pumpkins and have never tried any, I am going to have gto ttry this