Sunday 10 October 2021


 The weekend has finally come around we have had such a busy week. Work has been absolutely manic, but i am ahead of the game!.It is always busy now with work up until Christmas so trying to keep in front of key.


The girls are a little under the weather so we have a house full of lergies too!.I know I am not the only one that absolutely lives for the weekends, especially now we are in Autumn. Cold miserable mornings and the heating being on 24/7.

Being self employed I spend literally every week day working. I try and get everything done, well as much as I can , and also try and get my to do list ticked off during the week so I can honestly relax for the entire weekend with the children.

I have done the 9-5 job and working weekends , so now I am self employed and work from home , I am able to have them weekends off and I really cherish them.

If you are a parent also , then you will already know that school runs in Autumn are super chilly and not fun at all , so the weekends are made for all the cosy vibes, movies and fun in our house.

Weekends are definitely made for all the comfort clothing and pj days and I have got some of my favourite loungewear  bits to show you .

When it comes to grey loungewear , you will probably already know my crazy obsession for it and I can’t even lie about it. I will hold my hands up and admit that I have a bit of a love for grey loungewear and I am not even mad about it .

Grey is definitely a love or hate kind of colour, depending on whether it’s dark grey or light , but the light marl grey,  I absolutely love . This grey marl cropped hoodie and joggers loungewear set has been a favourite of mine for SO LONG!.

The cropped hoodie is quite baggy so super comfortable and not restrictive. It is the softest material. It washes well and the grey hasn’t faded at all, which is always a bonus! :)

Charcoal is a colour that I have never really been into and not seen many outfits in charcoal ,but it is almost like the new black this season isn’t it ?. I love my oversized charcoal long sleeved hoodie and joggers set . 

It is definitely a dark autumnal colour and the perfect loungewear for the weekends. I literally snuggle up with the children on the sofa in this and could literally stay there all day, it’s such a cosy set.

Oranges are another autumnal colour aren’t they?. All the pumpkin spice and pumpkin carving this month and we really can not wait !.

We’ve already been to a pumpkin patch last weekend and it was so good. They had a trick or treating area and a zombie part where we had to knock the zombies over with foam balls.

They also had a maize maze which had werewolves and creepy ghosts in , it was such a great day and definitely set us up for a month of all things spooky :)

This orange cropped hoodie and joggers co ord set is a new addition to my cosy weekend collection . It has seriously brightened up my autumn wardrobe  as I tend to stay quite dark usually or basic creams , that is pretty much me when it comes to this time of the year , so a nice orange set adding to the wardrobe is a real treat !.

Sunday evenings curled up on the sofa with a pumpkin spiced latte , a horror movie on Netflix and my new orange co ord set - sounds like a plan for tonight!.

Have you seen the guilty on Netflix? That’s a good one, we are watching there’s someone in my house tonight , Netflix are on point with their spooky line up this autumn .

Are you all set for autumn? Got all your comfy loungewear out ready for them lazy weekends ? It is definitely the best season of the year! ..


  1. I am all about the loungewear right now and keeping warm, if I could wrap myself up in my duvet all day then I would! Love the sets but noone wants or needs to see my belly! :(

  2. You can't beat loungewear and nice snuggly bits to keep warm as it has gotten really cold all of a sudden x

  3. I don't own any loungewear as I work in an office and always seem to be out. I definitely need to invest in some!