Friday 8 October 2021


What a crazy week of weather it has been. Autumn has definitely arrived as the mornings are just so cold and crisp but the sun is still shining through :)

Another what I wore this week and it has definitely been a completely random week in the wardrobe. Days of summer are still lingering and then you’ve got the days where a coat and scarf are so needed.

Monday ,the sun was shining and it honestly felt amazing!. I really do love the autumn sunny mornings this time of year . Mondays are always one of my most busy work days and it was lovely being able to get into the garden with an iced coffee and get some work done in a little bit of sunshine.

I wore this really cool red tie dye guns and roses oversized Tshirt dress. This is one of my favourites for a chilled out day outside . It is super soft too and honestly feels like you are wearing a night shirt!.

If you are looking for any festival outfits for Octoberfest as I know there are quite a few festivals coming up this month ,then this dress is a great one to go for , pair it with some big black chunky boots and a black denim jacket and you are ready to go!.This dress definitely matched the weather today, full of all the happy vibes too!.

Tuesday and Wednesday were the only gym days this week. I am trying to get to the gym four times a week but work is absolutely manic at the minute which I am definitely not complaining about ,especially as Christmas is literally around the corner, but some of the things that I enjoy doing have to take a fall back to work if I am super busy and that’s usually the gym.

Sometimes I will get a quick workout done at home if I can’t get to the gym on that day but I would much prefer a proper session . Nothings beats a good workout in the morning at the gym with a good podcast playing for your mental health and gives you a good clear mindset for the day, if you’ve not tried it then I’d 100% recommended it, you can thank me later.

Thursday was honestly the coldest day ever!. We woke up to the heaviest rain and it was so dark and foggy outside, the alarm was not appreciated let me tell you that. Heating went straight on as well as the biggest cup of coffee made. You know what that meant don’t you? , all the comfy and coziness for today.

If you have followed me for a while then you will know my love for co ord sets, I mean I wouldn’t say I am obsessed, but my partner would :) . This lilac jogger and hoody co ord set is the cutest co ord I have . It is so soft and even after so many washes, it has kept its softness and hasn’t shrunk at all.

Let me know what your fashion obsession is, I’d love to know if there are any of you that loves co ords as much as me, bet there isn’t :)

Friday we went out for a meal, child free. I honestly can not remember the last time me and Mezz went out together without the children.

Life is just so busy at the minute and I’f i do get a spare evening to myself , you can bet any money I am having the longest soak in the bath ever, with all the lush bath goodies and an early night . 

I have been feeling so wiped out with work lately and resetting after a busy day is definitely needed.

I would normally go for jeans and a nice top if we have  booked in at a local pub and heading out for dinner but black dresses in Autumn with some Chelsea boots are one of my favourites to wear and seeing as we hadn’t been out for ages I wanted to dress up a little.

I haven’t worn this new dress out either so it was the first time . It’s a mid body con so hugs you in at all the right places and it is really super flattering and so stretchy, so definitely size down if you are buying body con dresses.

Since going to the gym , I have definitely felt more comfortable and acceptable of some of the clothes I wear now. Before, I would talk myself out of wearing something but now I feel so good in my own skin and it has help massively with my mental health.

What have you been wearing this week? Dressing for Autumn? or still holding onto all the summer vibes :)


  1. I really like the Guns and Roses t-shirt; it's so colourful and it makes me happy to look at :)

  2. Some lovely outfits! I am really loving the Guns and Roses shirt - it's a nice hit of colour for some of these grey and dismal days.