Monday 18 October 2021


 Christmas is well and truly upon us. Presents must be bought, the food needs to be planned for, and family meet-ups are in order. For many, though, it can be tough to unlock their Christmas spirit year after year, and they simply lack inspiration for this year’s festivities. It’s entirely understandable. 


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Although Christmas hasn’t arrived yet, it hasn’t stopped people from putting up their lights or erecting their trees already. This accompanies the likes of Christmas music, Christmas movies, and even games which all contribute towards many peoples’ festive arrangements at this time of the year. Essentially, whatever it takes to feel the Christmas vibes and get in the festive spirit, people tend to do it. It isn’t easy for everyone, though. After all, it’s hardly like Christmas is a new occasion, is it? With that in mind, if you’re struggling to rediscover your Christmas joy, then below is a look at some simple ways to help you unleash it once again. 


It’s time to put up your tree 


Yes, we know you’ve been putting it off and intended to do it a few weeks before the big day, but putting the Christmas tree up as early as possible is a sure-fire way of adding some Christmas spirit into you and your home. You can add lights, maybe an array of glittery tinsel, and even throw some baubles into the mix too. If you’re keen to save a bit of money and have a bit of fun along the way also, then maybe even consider creating your very own decorations. 


Decorate your home 


Alongside putting up your tree, adding some Christmas-themed touches around the house is a must. Christmas sparkle, from tinsel on the stairs to a wreath on the doorwill help transform your house and also give you some much needed Christmas joy in the process. Maybe even get the whole family involved too and see if you can beat last year’s look. 


Binge a few Christmas movies

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Movies and Christmas tend to go hand in hand, particularly on the big day itself once you’ve stuffed your face full of turkey, but before the main event arrives, it’s worth tucking into some Christmas films of your liking to help get you in the mood even more. Popular options include Elf, Love Actually, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and A Christmas Story. 


Explore the events in your local area


Generally, around this time of the year, it’s common for local communities to hold an array of festive events. From cake sales to local pantomimes, keep your eyes peeled for any Christmas events in the area and be sure to attend the occasions which tickle your fancy. Not only do these types of events enable your clan to have a good day out and create some memories along the way, but it might help everyone feel a bit more festive in the process too. 



Make a donation to a cause close to your heart 


Whether it’s a local charity or a national organisation that has impacted your life, Christmas is a time for giving and many of these types of organisations need vital support. Away from financial commitments, even volunteering at a local food bank or feeding the homeless around this time of the year is a fantastic thing to do also. Not only will you feel better about yourself in the process, but you’ll be spreading some Christmas joy to people who need it along the way. 


Other options include baking, sending Christmas cards, attending a lights show, and listening to Christmas music.

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