Wednesday 20 October 2021


 Chores are given to children for a number of reasons, of which all help a child’s development, their level of responsibility and developing a strong work ethic. 

In this guide from a boarding school in Leatherhead, we take a look at the main reasons why chores are beneficial for your children. 

Gives children a sense of independence

Chores give children responsibility and a chance to work in their own space to complete the task given to them. If they’ve been told to fill the dishwasher for example, they have to work to put all the cutlery and crockery in the right places to make sure they’re cleaned properly. You can work on something else as they finish the task, but give them the chance to figure it out for themselves and see how they do. Encourage them to ask you for advice after they’ve completed the task the first few times so that they’re able to do it on their own thereafter.

Shows children how to work on their own initiative

Over time there are going to be things that you’d expect your child to pick up and do for themselves if they see an opportunity to help. Giving them chores around the home trains them to pick things up for themselves and understands the level of work parents do on a daily basis. If they’re able to see how they can help around the home they’re more likely to pick things up, like mopping the floors or vacuuming the carpet if they see a lot of mess about.

Children learn about teamwork

Your child is working with you to complete tasks around a home. If they’re a part of that, they’ll begin to understand how team building is a core part of doing chores. It’s a great way of teaching your child how to delegate and communicate with others in order to get the job done.

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  1. I definitely agree they can be beneficial. Olivia is still a little young to have any but Jack has a couple.