Thursday 4 November 2021


When putting together a list like this , I always hesitate to use words like essential or must haves because we are all different and have our own styles and favourites for this time of year, so definitely take my list with a pinch of salt and see this as magazine page in one of your favourite magazines, with all the autumn must haves I think would be a hit for us this :)



Ankle boots are still trending for 2021, and we’re seeing a lot of Chelsea boots and lug soles, but fashion boots still have their place. Western-inspired styles are also having a moment this season.

It’s important to take your  lifestyle into consideration when purchasing Autumn boots. Winter weather can be messy here in the Uk, so while suede is definitely trending, I like to have some leather options as well. 

We can go from sun to rain and then a full of winter wonder within a week, and I am not joking! :)

Also, more and more brands are making weather-proof suede boots, and they’re well worth the investment if you live in an area with messy winter weather.

When getting dressed in the morning, nine times out of ten, I reach for a pair of jeans. They work well for my casual work from home lifestyle, and I find them most comfortable. Because I wear them so much, I like to have a variety of styles and washes. But even if you only wear jeans on weekends and the occasional date night, a great fitting pair of jeans is a wardrobe item almost every woman should have in her closet.

Denim trends are in transition right now, but I’m seeing a little bit of everything. I recommend wearing the style that looks best on you and most importantly feels good ,and experiment with the newer trendy cuts if you enjoy doing so. Straighter, more relaxed silhouettes are getting more popular, and I’m seeing a mix of cropped and full length styles. Skinny jeans still have their place, but I recommend mixing it up to stay current if you like trying your hand at being a fashion diva like me , still trying might I add :).

 Also, consider adding a lighter wash to your lineup, if you haven’t already or a black pair!. Femme Luxe have some gorgeous ones to choose from .


In my opinion, there’s nothing better to top off a great pair of jeans with  a soft, cozy knitted jumper . If you wear a lot of jumpers, as I do, you’ll probably want a variety of colors and styles to choose from.I love the stripe blocked styles, they are so cute!.

 Pullovers are super easy to throw on and go, cardigans allow you to layer and accommodate a variety of temperatures. This Autumn, neutrals are still on trend, but I’m seeing more color coming into play as well.

I’m seeing more chunky, bright jumpers that are great for pairing with high rise jeans, but there are plenty of traditional ones available as well. Also, consider adding a sweater vest to your wardrobe  this Autumn. They’re so on trend.


If you work in a professional environment or just don’t care to wear jeans every day, then you will need a loungewear set to mix up your wardrobe. I always have a basic colour in my wardrobe for dressier occasions, one of my favourites is a roll neck grey loungewear  piece,but I also like to have a couple pairs of fancier colours if there is every a last minute food invite, I’m not saying no to food at this time of year, all the mince pies please :).

let’s face it, some days are just made for leggings or joggers.


Pumps have become a huge trend as of late, thanks to some of the high brands, but there are lots of lower priced brands with great looking pumps that are also excellent quality. I prefer leather, especially in the winter because they tend to be more weather proof, but suede and canvas styles can be lighter and cooler on the foot. Patterns and prints are a fun way to add interest to an outfit, but there’s always a place for a classic white leather sneaker.

I picked up some basic white ones from Sainsburys last Autumn and they are still going strong, for £14! 

I’d love to know what you have in your Autumn wardrobe this year.Some of you might still be in the summer phase and still living for the summer and not quite ready to transition into Autumn just yet , so definitely save this post for when you are ready :)

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