Friday 5 November 2021


I am definitely feeling Autumn now October is here , are you?. The really dark mornings , but as the day goes on , the sun comes out and there’s that crisp to the air , I absolutely love it !. The leaves have fallen and it’s just one of my favourite times of the year .

When it comes to this time of year , I honestly love changing up my wardrobe to all the comfy and cosy autumn vibes. I am such a seasonal girl and I am literally in my element when the season changes and I can change up my clothes :)

Cosy knitted dresses have got to be one of my absolute favourite things to wear when Autumn hits . I get out my black boots and all the chunky cable knit tights and I am one seriously happy woman. 

Don’t get me wrong , I love my leggings and hoodies for when it’s cold but I definitely think when the colder months kick in , we can lose ourself and dress for comfort but then feel rubbish, I know I do sometimes.

So it’s nice to be able to wear something cute but still cosy at the same time , and feeling good in it to , well that’s an added conus! :)

Knitted clothing pieces are always a good idea for this time of year . Sweaters and cosy cardigans are probably the most common knitted pieces there are , but lately I definitely think the knitted dress has found it’s way to the spotlight and there are so many gorgeous ones out there 

I thought i would share with you my 3 new Autumnal knitted dresses from Femme Luxe that you definitely need in your life, you can thank me later  !.

One of my absolute favourite knitted dresses is a v neck.I don’t know why but I love the cut of it and how they sit on your chest . I think it is definitely a flattering style and brings out the figure. Plus it looks even nicer with a cute choker on, I am all about the accessories too!.

I love this ivy shade v neck knitted midi dress . It is a new shade to my wardrobe as I would normally go for a black dress when the months get a bit colder , and I haven’t actually got anything in this shade ,but I actually really love this colour and it is a new way of making a plain knitted dress a little bit more fancy without coming to far out of your comfort zone  :)

There are actually so many ways you can make a knitted dress more out there or more interesting. Do you want the knitwear to pop? , add some faux fur or a funky belt to add a bit of spice to your dress , or even a pop of colour with some warm orange tones .

A simple knitted dress but alternative jewellery is a nice way to add a bit of ‘out there’ to your outfit . Definitely play around with them and see what you like .

You can do change and not go all out , because some of us I know love trying out new things but don’t want to go to far and feel uncomfortable with it .

 Little added touches along the way will definitely make you feel that little bit sassy without feeling like you’ve changed yourself . 

I got the exact same dress in a cream shade too as I think this colour would be great with a black belt and a leather jacket. 

I also think white dresses  are a staple and they can be re styled so many times in Autumn that it is actually cheaper in the long run as you are getting so many dresses in one, but investing in one dress :)

I’m no fashion guru but I do love saving my pennies and If I find an idea which also sounds like a bargain too then I am there !.

I’d love to know if you have added to your Autumn wardrobe yet and if so , what have you brought? Any dresses in there ? ..


  1. They all look ever so comfortable and perfect for Autumn! I wish they did my size as I would certainly buy these!

  2. These seem like some really cosy autumn dresses - it is great you can get some transitional pieces these days.

  3. I totally agree with you that when it gets colder we do tend to dress for warmth and convenience. I love dresses, so a jumper dress is ideal for this time of year. The dress really suits you.

  4. All of these dresses look so cosy and warm; just the kind of thing you want to be wrapping up in at the moment! :D

  5. One thing I love is my autumn dresses, we just sorted out our warmer clothes from last year and it felt like seeing old friends again