Tuesday 9 November 2021


 Is it possible to fortify the immune system, so it's ready to take on those pesky invaders? Some studies indicate that yes, it is. 

According to Harvard Medical, a primed body supplied with the proper nutrients might stand up stronger against antigens, producing antibodies that allow those kiddos to kick some germ butt and get back up and going sooner rather than later.

Parents, then, who want their kiddos to have as much support as possible can take action. First, though, you have to know what works and doesn't. Arm loved ones' immunity by avoiding poor eating and laziness and encouraging healthy snacking and movement. 

Don'ts for Your Child's Immune System

The immune response demands appropriate fuel, and many processed foods and delectable sweets lack the vitamins it requires. Sure, they taste great and are accessible in a pinch, but if you're pulling out the processed crackers and cookies more than handing a banana, you could have issues.

For instance, according to the Cleveland Clinic, the body requires particular nutrients to combat foreign organisms, listing iron and vitamins D and C as vital to battling illness. Low levels could prolong ailments and symptoms. If you're skipping vitamins, it's a problem. Use iron supplements for kids to ensure appropriate levels.

Parents beware. The following consistent, daily decisions or exposures defuse the immune response, forcing the body to work harder against infection:

• Consuming foods high in sugar, fat and processed foods 
• Skipping daily vitamins
• Lacking proper sleep
• Exposing kids to second-hand smoke
• Remaining indoors for most of the day
• Permitting high levels of stress 

Do's for Your Child's Immune System

While parents may want to eliminate infections, that isn't possible. The world is filled with organisms, and kids encounter them anywhere they go, from school to the park to playing in the backyard. What you can do is try to halt those germy intruders off and keep your little ones cozy.

Keep some organic kids medicine in your cupboard to alleviate early symptoms and prep your kiddos to have a robust immune system that demands attention to diet, activity and attitude.

These three factors greatly influence people's response to illness, and parents can assist in these areas. When the body and mind are in a good place, they work better and more efficiently. With that in mind, give your loved ones a boost by implementing giving them daily vitamins and instilling the following healthy habits:

Encourage clean, wholesome eating
Take part in an exercise or athletic program
Schedule for 30 minutes to 1 hour of outdoor time
Create a sleep routine 
Provide a comforting, cheerful environment 
Teach young one's how to cope with stress

Empower your kiddos with an immune response that knocks out colds with ease. Encourage exercise, positive attitudes and sound sleep. In addition, keep your cupboards stocked with nutritious, wholesome snacks, offer clean meals and supplement essential needs with vitamins and Wellements probiotic drops. Because when the body receives the care it needs, it gains the ability to ward off viral and bacterial infections.


  1. This is very useful for me as my son is immunocompromised due to some medication he takes, so it is super important for him to stay well and build his immune system.

  2. I have been having problems with joint pain recently, maybe some of this will transfer over to help me. Thanks for sharing Kira!