Thursday 11 November 2021


 The holiday season should be an eagerly awaited opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. For many individuals, however, a great deal of extra time and effort can be added to an already busy schedule. Preparing for a round of household guests and dinners could become a rather demanding endeavour .

If you'd rather skip hosting a holiday dinner or party at home, consider adding the private charter boats San Diego offers to your seasonal plans. A festive cruise aboard a magnificent sailing yacht can take away the headaches that could come with entertaining guests at your home.

Hosting a Dinner Party at Sea

Preparations for family gatherings or workplace get-togethers may be the last tasks you want to add to your growing holiday to-do list. Consider focusing instead on a carefree evening spent with friends and family at sea.

With an experienced vessel crew at your disposal, you can have your dinner party catered on the Pacific Ocean. Whether you're planning for a relaxing and memorable holiday celebration or a long-overdue family reunion, a luxurious 139-foot yacht provides a setting you and your guests will never forget.

Leave the cooking to skilled chefs manning your chartered yacht's commercial-grade galley. Enjoy breathtaking sights while caterers serve you and your guests a full-course dinner that rivals any first-class on-shore venue. The opportunities for private dining San Diego CA provides aboard a chartered yacht come with majestic ocean views and unforgettable sunsets.

How To Privately Dine at Sea

Before booking your holiday event, sorting out a few details will help you determine how to set the atmosphere. Some dinner planners, for example, look forward to having their guests watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Others may prefer a light brunch and daytime oceanic sightseeing.

Views of a spectacular San Diego Bay sunset require hosting an evening event, which can include a premium dinner menu with cocktails. You can also schedule an intimate sea party under a full moon during certain times of each month. One of the attractions of a private dinner at sea is that you won't be handling traditional hosting duties; your dining event will include a talented crew dedicated to your satisfaction.

Going Daytime Casual Instead 

If you're leaning towards a more casual outing, consider the San Diego sailing tours that offer a three- or four-hour daytime whale watching event in the morning. Your guests may need to arrive for a check-in early because most daytime sight-seeing sailing vessels depart before noon.

By booking a daytime tour, you’ll have the option to bring your own food and drinks. The crews, however, provide their sailing guests with complimentary snacks such as chips and granola bars. Soda and water are also included. 

Enjoying the Event as Much as Your Guests

You deserve to enjoy the holidays this year without adding another item to your task list. Instead of committing yourself to the effort of arranging and hosting an event at home, consider luxuriating along with your guests aboard a chartered sailing vessel. You’ll impress your guests with a magical private dining experience at sea that you’ll enjoy as much as everyone else.

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  1. This sounds like a really great experience. I would hope no one got sea sick though