Monday 1 November 2021


It is official! , the 1st of November , and that only means one thing , operation Christmas. I know quite a lot of you have already started buying some brilliant children’s presents ,but I really do like to enjoy Halloween and once November hits , it is all about tinsel and the latest Christmas playlist  :)

I have spent this afternoon snuggled up on the sofa doing some Christmas online shopping, with the biggest cup of coffee ever .It was a long night with Nila, she is still a little poorly, but is definitely on the mend finally, but coffee is still very much needed!.

If you are a regular follower then you will know my little gang is  all girls ,ranging from teenagers to little Nila who is 4, so finding things for them for Christmas and any holiday, all in one place can be challenging sometimes. Wicked Uncle is definitely one of my favourite go to sites and has been for a few years now .

If you are unfamiliar with Wicked Uncle then firstly , where have you been? living under a rock ? :), they are an online toy store with the most coolest toys and gadgets around.

When it comes to presents , I know a lot of people struggle with what to get children. You might think they have everything, or your tires of finding the same boring things, I think we’ve all been there at one point haven’t we.

I know my sister and her partner always struggle with gifts for the girls when it comes to gifts , so Wicked Uncle is a fab site for all of them Aunties and Uncles that really don’t know what to pick up this Christmas .

They range from items for both boys and girls and all ages , and they have something that fits everybody’s budget, from stocking fillers and gifts for as little as £2.99.

P.S… The chocolate and sweet gift sets are delicious… so I’ve been told :) 

They also do a fantastic gifting service so if you are needing to send your gifts direct this year ,which you’ll know we have to as some of our family live over 7 hours away, then Wicked Uncle have you covered, and they have some really cool wrapping paper too.

Add an even personal touch with a hand written Christmas card. There are times that I have forgotten a card all together, so it’s lovely to know you can send a card straight from their site hand written .

I always find myself going down a rabbit hole on their site too. You will be looking for a specific thing and then it’ll suggest something else that’ll look so cool and the perfect gift!. By the time you’ve finished , you’ve got your Christmas list completely covered - you can thank me later :)

Definitely the place to be with all its quirkiness!. You can check out the  Wicked Uncle website and do let me know what cool things you find …


  1. I do love Wicked Uncle and can spend far too long on there looking through their site, I do have my eye on a few bits for the grandkids for Christmas

  2. I love wicked uncle for buying kids toys. There are loads of fun learning toys that I adore.

  3. It's great that you can send gifts direct. Makes life easier if you won't be able to see the person before Christmas.

  4. I need to get on there and pick up a few pressies for my friends who have kids and get their Christmas sorted x

  5. Wicked Uncle truly do have some wonderful gifts - I have already seen a few I want to get my two kids!