Saturday 22 January 2022


 Working from home and being self employed has its benefits, of course. Coffee on tap,the ability to just nip out when needed and being able to do school runs and not missing out when it comes to your children is so precious and I am very grateful I get to do that.

The other side of it is being at ‘home’, finding the balance of work and play. Becoming distracted by chores or the television and having no structure can make it seem tedious and very much hard work.

I’ve put together some tips that I use myself which helps me get through a working week,take care of the house and kids and also enjoy my breaks, properly :)


Sunday evening I will sit down once the children are in bed and plan my week. I do the ironing and fresh sheets on a Sunday too :)

Meal plan our dinners ,so I know what we are having everyday. I then add in any deadlines I have for the week in my diary so they don’t get missed and highlight them.


I time an hour on a Friday afternoon before I pick the children up to clean. Hoover, polish ,clean the kitchen floor - anyone tells you you need 5 hours to clean is lying.Give yourself an hour,you’ll be surprised how much you get done.


I go to the gym during the week in the mornings so I schedule that in and then start work around 10am. That is my schedule and I stick to it.Remember you are your own boss and the schedule you have made is one that works around you :)


I am so guilty of over working and working on my days off, on my breaks, on the weekends.I think it’s just a habit that was really hard to get out of. The past few weeks I have been booking time off during the week and even booked last Friday off and didn’t work AT ALL. 


Have a cut off point.If you pick the children up at 3pm and then you’re cooking the dinner, doing homework and bedtime, finish at 3pm. We all like to try and juggle a million plates but burn out isn’t fun,whatever needs finishing can be done the next working day.

You might have smaller children, which can seem harder but when Nila was a baby I use to work when she napped and of an evening . Honestly, whatever works for you is best.


If you’ve sat down on a work day and you’ve got ‘no work’ to do then reconnect.I will use this time to engage with my followers, share some old content, maybe a recipe idea and also reconnect with clients that I have worked with previously.

Every 6 months I will send out a big bulk of emails to all my old clients that I haven’t worked with for a while and just touch base to see if they’d like to collaborate again.


Pack up your Mac and camera and head to Starbucks. Makes such a difference to your Woking week and a change of scenery always helps a foggy head,plus the coffee is always good and it’s nice to see people.

Do let me know if any of these tips help and if you have any them do share them in the comments :)

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