Tuesday 4 January 2022


 Holiday camps are great for children. They offer once in a lifetime’ experiences, allowing them to make new friends and discover themselves. We have teamed up with a children's holiday camp in Kensington to help you decide whether or not to enrol your child into a holiday camp.


A Chance to Build Independence

Living away from home for even a few days can help your child to practice being independent and self-sufficient. 

At holiday camp they will need to do many tasks that were previously taken care of by you such as cooking and cleaning which can be good preparation for university and later life.


Making Friends

At school, children are faced with the same learning environment and group of people whereas at camp they can meet new individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. This can teach them how to deal with challenging social situations and learn how to make newfriends. 


Creativity and Exploration

At holiday camps, there are so many wild challenges for your child to attempt. Challenges like raft building, canoeing, creating a campfire and outdoor cooking. 

This can take your child’s creativity to whole new levels, allowing them to experience new things - things that they could only dream of attempting back at home.


Engagement with The Real World 

Devices are the bane of any parent's life; all children are glued to them and it can be quite the challenge to pull them away. 

Holiday camp is a fun and exciting trade-off that can convince them to do otherwise, allowing them to get plenty of fresh air and exercise over the holidays instead.


Home Sickness

On the other hand, your child may face home sickness, missing all their family and friends. If your child has never stayed away from home, this is something that you should consider and talk to them about before making a decision.



  1. Such a helpful post! My son is going on a holiday camp in the summer holidays and he can't wait - I weighed it up for a while and the benefits are great for him!

  2. Holiday camp sounds like a lot of fun. I've never thought of it for the boys but it does sound good.