Thursday 6 January 2022


 A number of studies point to the link between parental involvement in education and higher school attainment. Having an understanding of your child’s curriculum can help you to do this, allowing you to monitor their progress and give them a helping hand. 

We have teamed up with a boarding school in London to share a few ways that you can learn more about your child’s curriculum.


Visit the School Website

As the first port of call, we’d recommend that you look at their school website to understand which curriculum they subscribe to as this varies between locations.

 If you live in Wales, this will be a Welsh curriculum that differs from the English. Schools also adopt minor changes which is why it's important to check with the school.


Have a Chat with Their Teacher

Your child’s teacher will be able to tell you all about what they are learning at school and how they are getting on. Something that you can’t gauge from a PDF file online.

 This can help you to identify areas for improvement and devise a plan of how to improve their performance. This mightinvolve looking for additional learning resourceor learning about how to explain things to your child so that you can go through topics at home.


Speak to Your Child About School

Lastly, you can also ask them. Asking about school can help your child to see just how invested you are in their education, helping them to feel important and understand the importance of their work. 

This can help you to find out what their struggles are, something that might go undetected in a classroom full of students. Using this information, you can see where the blanks are between where they should be for their age and where they currently are.




  1. You're absolutely right. We are involved in our kids' education and it helps a lot to be familiar with the curriculum.

  2. Every day we speak to or children about schooling, and check in on their homework and ask them to explain it to us, which really highlights where they might be sturggling. There are some great tips here!