Tuesday 15 February 2022


Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.. that is something I have been singing for the longest time. I had weebles when I was younger and have passed the love for them down onto the girls.

Kadiann is 18 and absolutely loved them as did Alessia who is 12 and now Nila . She is obsessed with the Peppa pig weebles range.

We already have the car and the train set and it gets played with daily. We have an on growing collection and are always adding to it.

We were lucky enough to head down to Smyths toys to pick up the new Peppa pig weebles wind and wobble playhouse. This has been on Nila’s birthday wish list so she was so excited to be picking it up to test out :)

We got home and got it out straight away and I was so impressed!. It includes little Peppa which we actually haven’t got yet, and has so many cool features.

Pop Peppa on the steps and wind the handle to move Peppa up and down, she then turns round to the bridge, all by herself and then slides down the slide- so cool!.

There is also a muddy puddle - staple at a play ground isn’t it :) , and also a swing and roundabout to push Peppa on.

I love all the bright colours on this set and it’s perfect for little hands , suitable from 18 months plus and do you know what the best part is - Peppa never falls down!.

Retails at £32.99 and can be picked up from Smyths Toys as well as all the other weebles products from the range.


  1. My kids loved Peppa Pig when they were younger. The toy sounds like fun and possibly something my nephew would enjoy.

  2. I thought I knew all Peppa Pig toys but not seen this one yet, I have two special little people who would love this

  3. Well seeing "Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down" has certainly brought back memories of my childhood!

  4. Weebles wobble looks like a fabulous toy and so glad Nila got this in time for her birthday. Both my children love Peppa Pig merch and would have loved this as well when they were younger