Thursday 17 February 2022


Learning through play is honestly key with your little ones. It makes the process so much easier and children don’t realise they are learning if it’s fun!. We’ve been digging out all our favourite games that we have over the last week and wanted to share with you some of our favourite games that has helped and still help Nila with her learning.

What’s your favourite game to play when your out and about, or your on a car journey?, I bet it’s eye spy. I think everyone’s is, kids love the game.

Cheatwell games have an eye spy with my little eye board game which I think is such a brilliant idea and is a fantastic one for learning .You pick a letter and take it in turns to spy something on the board beginning with that letter or sound depending on how old your little ones are- how cool !.

I’ve honestly not come across anything like this and we play this game for a long time when it comes out. It’s addictive!.

learn to count three bears family counters from Learning resources is our favourite for maths. We have a few sets of these now and they are great. From a maths point of view these are great for counting , colour learning , adding and also learning big and small quantities .

We used these continuously throughout lockdown and would say these are a great staple if you are home learning.

Orchard toys have such a massive selection of games that are so fun and educational, our collection is ever growing. The match and spell is our absolute favourite and is how learning phonics at home  was so easy. 

Nila loves playing this one after dinner as it’s a quick game too, as it’s spelling out the words rather than a board game so you can do as many or as less as you want. 

If you’ve got a few minutes before bedtime or whilst dinner is cooking, it’s a great one to do, and honestly, you’d be surprised how fast your little ones pick up the sounds and

The iPad has become a thing parents have become to fear giving their children, and try and monitor as little time in it as possible, but it’s definitely not a bad thing to have . The learning apps I have found over the past 2 years have been incredible.

We actually pay monthly for the kids Amazon unlimited downloads so Nila has free range of the apps, which is a lot less expensive than her buying them without realising.I’ve seen so many posts on Facebook with little ones raking up a bill !.

She is loving the number blocks game at the minute and plays it most mornings whilst we snuggle up in bed, half term is the best when you don’t have to get up super early :) 

Let me know which games you’ve found to be so much fun but educational at the same time :) 


  1. I love how there's so many games these days that are entertaining to play!! It really helps get children off technology

  2. My kids used to love games like this. We had a giant World Map puzzle and I used to test them after they had put it together on where the continents were

  3. Match and Spell is awesome! Play and learn games are my go to games for obvious reasons, they're amazing and really fun....

  4. I love playing with my nieces the game Jenga and LEGO toys. Also the guessing words board game. My nieces enjoy that a lot than gadgets.