Monday 21 February 2022


 We finally got to watch Sing 2 over the weekend which we have planned to do for the past 3 weekends but we all ended up with covid!.

It was such a great film and definitely worth the wait, the girls loved it and the songs were brilliant.We also went to the small arcade next to the cinema before we went in so the girls had a lovely treat.

Thank god we did as Saturday evening Nila woke up during the early hours with earache and has been poorly with it for the past few days now.

We have had to cancel our half term trip to Nanny and Grandads which we were due to drive up on Sunday morning.

These things can’t be helped, but we are all really gutted as they live over 5 hours away so we only get to go when it’s half term.

Instead we woke up to Storm Eunice absolutely trashing our garden- what a nightmare!. The guttering at the side and back of the house has been ripped off and 5 fence panels are completely broken off.

I think we are currently experiencing Strom Franklin at the minute, I can’t keep up but it is so cold and windy, the rain is constant.

We plan on spending the half term snuggled indoors with plenty of movies and games and I think a macdonalds delivery is in order :) .

How is your half term going?


  1. Luckily Storm Eunice didn't hit us too badly here, just a few fence panels down nearby. We loved Sing 2, it was such a great feel-good movie.

  2. I don't know the movie! I will definitely check it out, I love musicals.

  3. Your family looks so cute! I love your bonding time together. I miss hanging out with my nieces.

  4. Sounds like a bit of a mixed bag! We saw Sing 2 as well - and really enjoyed it! The storm has been really scary though.

  5. Ear infections are the worst, so painful! I hope she is feeling better now. I've still not taken my kids to watch sing 2 but it's on the list

    Laura x