Monday 7 March 2022


 It’s officially the start of National Feet week and that only means one thing - get them feet summer ready!. This week is all about prioritising our feet and looking after them.

Once the winter hits , they get covered and almost get forgotten about, and then when summer is just around the corner, we all worry about having the perfect looking feet.

I love wearing my favourite sandals in the summer and try and take good care of my feet all year round. 

I’ve teamed up with some really cool brands and some of the professionals this week to get the message across - look after your feet! :)

A lot of embarrassment comes from feet and I know a lot of people that have said they have probably got the worst looking feet ever, but with these simple steps and taking care of them , you’ll have the best looking feet around!.

- Good Shoes

Make sure you are wearing the correct shoes. Especially if you have wider feet, then definitely get them measured properly and fitted correctly.

-Dry Between The Toes!

I say this to my children all the time. Make sure you are drying your feet properly, especially in between your toes. This is were fungal infections will have a field day in between your toes where it is warm and still wet from a bath or shower.

- Regular Check Ups

If you have any issues with your feet then definitely get them checked out. We dismiss our feet when we really should be looking after them just like we would our eyes.

- Pamper Night

Give them the pampering they deserve. I love a Sunday evening after a bath - exfoliate and cream my feet and pop some fluffy socks on, feels so good!.

Palmers is one of my staples but all these products are definitely essentials when it comes to keeping your feet on top form!.

Are your feet summer ready?


  1. I love insoles and always add them to my shoes because they help a lot. I don't know this brand, I will checkit out.

  2. I had no idea there was a national feet week. I guess I have some work to do.

  3. I never new there was a national feet week. But it sure is a great reminder for us to take care of our feet. I really need a good foot massage and pedicure soon. Have to get these footsies nice and smooth and summer-ready!

  4. Palmer's makes such great affordable skincare products! I need to treat my feet this week!

  5. Wow, those products looks promising. I will definitely check this out since it's already summer here in our country.

  6. That's so funny I just gave myself a pedi last night! Love Palmer's when it comes to all my dry skin needs.

  7. National Feet Week opened my eyes up to so many things and products. I had no idea there was specific foot doctors out there.