Thursday 28 April 2022


 Summer is just around the corner and I honestly can not wait. We’ve had the worst April showers and I am so over it , bring me the BBQ’s and the beach days please :)

We love getting out and spending as much time making memories over the summer time and exploring new things. It’s something we’ve always done, we definitely enjoy learning and trying new challenges.

Paddling has been something I have wanted to try for so many years and have never bothered because I really wouldn’t know where to start, what to wear or what board to get.

Bluefin SUP Boards have such a wide range of paddle boards and one for everyone. From beginners to SUP board expects - they’ve got us all covered :)

The cruise range from their collection would be something I would start with I think. A paddle board that travels light and provides rigid stability for the whole family, it sounds like a perfect one for newbies like us!.

Yoga and mediation is something I do regularly so I really love the sound of the Aura fit range ; Let your energy flow on the open water with perfect balance and space. It’s also a great one for newcomers too as it has a wide and round shape for added stability 

Bluefin boards are designed in the UK and available all over the world . They are sustainable, portable and packed with high performance design features. 

What makes me love them even more is for every product they sell, they will plant a tree in one of the worlds most endangered habitats. 

So whether you are off paddling the rough sea, calm lakes or Great Yarmouth beach front in Norfolk like me :), I hope you have a lovely summer !.


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  1. I would love to try paddle boarding one day! I don't think I'm brave enough but I would love to try with my kids.