Tuesday 26 April 2022


Traveling with kids may be troublesome unless you prepare well. When you consider a minor traveling with one parent, there is more responsibility to carry and more preparations to cover. But still, if you are a single parent and want to show the world to your kids, take your time to get ready well. 

Check out the following points to enjoy traveling with your children even if you are a single parent.

1. Get Another Parent’s Consent

If you are divorced or separated, you cannot keep your ex ignorant about your plans to travel with kids. At least, you will have to tell them to get permission to travel with child. So, you’d better let your former partner know as soon as you have a clear idea of your upcoming trip. 

This way, you will agree on the travel you are to set on orally. And then you will manage to document it. So that you have no troubles on your state or country borders. 

2. Cooperate with Your Ex

It is not only about the approval you may need from your ex. They may also come up with some travel ideas, help you with preparations, and so on. Even if you have finalised with online divorce, you should opt for cooperation with your former partner for the sake of your kids. 

You both have to do your best so that your children enjoy their travel to the biggest extent. Listen up to each other about the preference of your kids and the best suitable vacation ideas, share the preparation tasks, and collect the necessary papers together. 

3. Gather Necessary Docs

Gathering necessary docs is one of the top important points in the travel preparation process. Obviously, if you lack any, you won’t be able to take your kids out of the state or country. Review the docs you need to take on you and get ready with them in advance so that you don’t have to postpone or cancel your trip due to red tape. 

Here are some common docs you may have to prepare:

birth certificate or international passport;

a letter of consent\authorization from a parent not traveling with the kids;

traveling insurance;

health certificates (vaccination certificate).

Different states and countries may have different requirements as to docs necessary for traveling with kids. Review them or ask the local office for a consultation so that you don’t miss any requirements. 

4. Study the Policies

Documents necessary for a child traveling with one parent are not the only consideration for you to bear in mind. You should also review the policies of the country you are traveling to so that you don’t have any troubles with the local law. In some countries, you cannot leave the kids alone under a certain age even for several minutes, while in others any form of corporal punishment you apply to your children in public may bring you in serious trouble. So, get aware of the local behavioral standards and laws to avoid unpleasant happenings when traveling with kids. 

5. Prepare Your Kids

As long as you have to get ready yourself, you have to prepare your kids as well. They may be asked some common questions on the border or at any other official check-ins. Explain the reason they may have to talk with officials so that your children don’t freak out and you are not suspected of children trafficking. 

The same goes for behavior in public places. Teach your children about cultural differences and local rules of your travel destination to avoid embarrassing situations later. 

6. Plan Your Trip

On-the-spot decisions and impulsive travel choices may be great for student years or a company of friends but are far from suitable for trips with children. This means that you’d better plan every detail of the upcoming travel. Additionally, most divorced parents are reluctant to pass a parental approval for minor to travel unless they get a detailed report about the future trip. Here are the things you have to arrange and think about in advance:




places to see and tours to visit;

entertainments for kids and for adults together and separately;

emergency plan.

Remember that you don’t have to think about everything on your own. Ask your ex for help, and they will be happy to participate in creating the perfect travel time for your kids.

7. Visit a Doctor

You surely don’t want any illness or health disorder to spoil your perfectly-prepared trip. Change of timezones, a different environment, and other stress may negatively impact your kid’s health. In addition to a wasted trip, you may also have to spend a lot of money on medical help in a different country.

The best way out is to visit a doctor several weeks before travel. Both you and your kids will get a regular check-up. You can also get vaccinated if necessary. Plus, you will learn about the possible threats and suitable treatment from your doctor. So that if a minor health issue arises, you can fix it easily.

8. Care about Safety

When a minor traveling with one parent, safety is the biggest concern. You have to teach your kids some safety rules and invent useful strategies for yourself. In most cases, you have to guarantee both safe and relaxing conditions for your kids by yourself. Think in advance how you can guarantee your kids’ security in a crowded street, near the pool, in the amusement park, at the seaside, and so on. Get a list of emergency numbers and pack an emergency kit as well. 

Prepare thoroughly so that a single-parent journey with kids allows both of you to have qualitative rest and stay safe in the outcomes. 


  1. Traveling with kids is not easy even with two parents, with one parent it is definitely challenging. Great insights.

  2. These are good tips. I enjoyed reading and knowing about traveling with kids alone.

  3. International Travel comes to an end if the other parent refuses to consent. That's a big bummer to me. Kudos to those who cooperate. Travel is so good for the kids (for everyone).

  4. I can't imagine how difficult it is to travel with kids without help! Kudos! Great tip!

  5. There are a lot of things to consider when there’s another parent involved. I’ve been fortunate to not have to get permission or involve my ex on travel Plans.

  6. This is such a useful guide, though it must be challenging to travel solo with a child, especially if they re young. Thank you for sharing.