Saturday 16 April 2022


It’s Easter weekend and the girls are head deep in all the Easter fun and activities!.

We are actually in Norfolk this whole week so have packed up our own Easter hunt fun, thanks to Mash’ems.

Mash’ems, which I am sure you have all heard of before, are a collectible squishy,which comes in a different range of characters.

The Mash’ems capsules are a perfect size and great for Easter hunting fun. The girls are obsessed with Mash’ems and have been for years, so were super excited when they woke up to a Mash’em hunt in the garden :) 

The Mash’ems range is even bigger now with brand new Batman, and new waves to collect in their Harry Potter,Paw Patrol,My Little Pony and Disney Princess capsules .

We had a blast with our Frozen Mash’ems hunt and got the whole collection, including the mystery squishy.

 There are 6 in each series to collect, and if you do get a double,you can swap with friends :)

Each Mash’em has a different level of squish to them, how squishy will yours be?, the squishing is addictive!.

Mash’ems are widely available and you can pick them up almost anywhere including Smyths Toys , Toymaster, The Range, Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons.

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